LSAT-Flex Test Space

Due to the recent change of the October and November LSAT administration to the LSAT-Flex format, we wanted to let you know of a resource available through the Pre-Law Advising Services Office!

The LSAT-Flex exam requires students to take the exam in a quiet, private room with reliable internet access. For students on campus who may be having difficulty in identifying an appropriate space, Pre-Law Advising has arranged for test spaces available on a first come, first served basis.

How it works:  Students can request to reserve a private room to take the LSAT-Flex exam. To help maximize the use of space, reservations are available in three-hour time-blocks, with the expectation that students will have 30 minutes before and after their exam to set up, get comfortable, and sanitize the room after the exam. Students will receive a more detailed email prior to their exam date outlining the protocol and expectations.  Reservation blocks are available at the following times:  7am – 10am,  10am – 1pm,  1pm – 4pm,  4pm7pm, 7pm10pm.  Be mindful when signing up to ensure the reservation overlaps your LSAT-Flex testing time. (i.e., if your exam is at 7:30 am, you would reserve the 7am-10am time-block).

    • If none of the reservations work with your LSAT-Flex time, please indicate that in the sign-up form. We will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee there will be an available private room outside of the pre-determined time-blocks.
    • Per campus policy, you will be required to have a current negative COVID-Test to enter the building.
    • We have limited space, all reservations are on a first come, first served basis.

How to Sign Up: To sign up for a space for the October LSAT-Flex, please register at the following link by SEPTEMBER 30:

For more information and guidance on where to take the LSAT-Flex, check out our blogpost.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

Stay Tuned! Room requests for the November LSAT-Flex will open in October.