Sneak Peek of the New Digital LSAT!

Beginning in July 2019, the Law School Admission Council will transition to a complete digital version of the LSAT, the standardized test used by more than 99 percent of all law school applicants in the US. The digital test will be administered on tablets. This screenshot from the Logical Reasoning section shows a typical question and some of the features and benefits of the Digital LSAT.

Some new features and benefits of the Digital LSAT include letting users:

  • Highlight key information onscreen
  • Rule out answers
  • Monitor how much time is remaining
  • Resize the text based on their own needs
  • Move to unanswered questions with a single tap on the answer bar at the bottom of the screen.
    • Choosing an answer on the tablet automatically records the answer, eliminating the risk of accidentally filling in the wrong bubble in a separate answer sheet
  • Mark questions to come back to by flagging them on the answer bar at the bottom of the screen

IMPORTANT: The July LSAT will be the first LSAT to offer the digital version. Testing centers will be randomly chosen to have either the Digital or Paper exam. Students will have the opportunity to choose whether to keep their scores. If a student decides not to keep their score for the July LSAT, their score will be disregarded and will not be sent to any law schools. Additionally, the LSAC will offer students the opportunity to take a free LSAT in replacement of the July test.

If you have any questions about the digital LSAT, please follow this link to the LSAC website

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