Tuesday Tips for Applications – Tip #4

Tip #4 in our series to help you meet the goal of completing law school applications by Thanksgiving!

  • Finish Addenda/Character and Fitness Statement Issues
    1. Addenda are a part of the application, too. An addendum is an optional essay/disclosure to explain weaknesses in your application.
    2. Go to the PLAS Compass page for more specific advice.  Both the “Perfecting Your Personal Statement” and “Character and Fitness” videos (found within the “Applying to Law School” section) provide information to help you decide how to craft this document.
    3. Once you have a working draft, feel free to make an appointment with a pre-law advisor to discuss it. Call 217-333-9669 to schedule an appointment with us. We have the same policy for a written addendum as we do for the personal statement: submit your draft 2 business days prior to your appointment.