Tuesday Tips for Applications – Tip #3

Tip #3: Know Your Deadlines!

  • Double Check School Deadlines and Set a Timeline for Yourself
    1. Set a deadline for yourself to have your applications completed.
    2. Not all schools have the same deadline for applications, so double check the deadlines for all of your schools! For example: Northwestern Law’s Deadline is February 15, but Chicago-Kent’s is March 15.
    3. If you are done with the LSAT, Thanksgiving Break is the best time to complete your applications and send them in. Before second semester starts/mid-January is a good deadline if you are taking the December LSAT. The sooner the better!
    4. Set mini-goals to stagger your applications. For example, set a goal to have your top 3 law school applications out by Monday of Fall Break, followed by your next 3 by Wednesday, and your last 3 by Friday.