Course options for spring

Still looking for some spring courses? As you know, students of ANY major can attend law school, and there are NO specifically required courses for pre-law undergrads. However, given an interest in law, here are some spring courses that pre-law students may find particularly helpful and interesting. These courses are only suggestions and are not requirements. Check out Course Explorer and speak to your academic advisor about the best courses for you.

PHIL 102: Logic & Reasoning. Professor McCarthy typically uses LSAT examples of causal reasoning, analogical reasoning, elementary statistical inference (including arguments based on samples), and truth-functional inference.

  • This course is particularly helpful for students who have yet to take the LSAT, as one part of the LSAT is based on Logical Reasoning.

Law 199: Poverty & Law, or Law 199: Exploring the Judicial System

  • These electives will allow you to explore the study of law and the practice of law.

Political Science options to explore specific legal areas include:

  • PS 301/302: US Constitution I &II, are helpful primers for law school
  • 322: Public Policy and Law
  • 323: Law & Representation
  • 386: International Law

Communication courses are helpful, as all lawyers must demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills.

  • CMN 101: Public Speaking (this is a prereq for most upper level CMN courses)
  • 211: Business Communication
  • 310: The Rhetorical Tradition
  • 321 & 323: Strategies of Persuason & Argumentation

ACE 240: Personal Finance Planning

  • Understanding financial instruments and tax implications is critical for many lawyers

Courses to explore different areas of law include:

  • JOUR 311: Media Law
  • RST 354: Legal Aspects of Sport
  • SOC 396: Special Topics in Sociology–Criminal Justice System

INFO 303: Writing Across Media, a skill that all careers integrate