Tuesday Tips for Applications – Tip #2

Tip #2 in our series to help you meet the goal of completing law school applications by Thanksgiving!

Submit your transcripts now!

  1. Make sure your transcripts are submitted to the LSAC. This includes transcripts from community colleges and study abroad.
  2. Don’t wait to submit your transcripts; they often take a while to process through the LSAC.
    1. What the LSAC says about Transcripts:
      • Law schools require transcripts from the following institutions you have attended: community colleges, undergraduate and graduate institutions, law, medical, or professional institutions, institutions attended for summer or evening courses, institutions attended even though a degree was never received, institutions from which you took college-level courses while in high school even though they were for high school credit, institutions that clearly sponsored your overseas study, international transcripts, if applicable.
      • Transcripts must be sent from institutions even if: credit was transferred from an institution and it appears on another institution’s transcript, the institution is closed (These transcripts are usually maintained by the department of higher education or by another school in the state in which the school was located, so you will need to contact the state’s department of higher education.
      • For international transcripts, contact the Ministry of Education in the country where the school was located, “withdraw,” “incomplete,” etc., are the only grades listed, you have just enrolled. (Request that the registrar’s office send a transcript of courses “in progress” or a statement of current enrollment. The document must bear the official registrar’s seal.)
  3. If you have questions, contact the LSAC at 215-968-1001.