Fall and summer course options

Still looking for some summer or fall courses? As you know, students of ANY major can attend law school, and there are NO specifically required courses for pre-law undergrads. However, given an interest in law, here are some summer and fall courses that pre-law students may find particularly helpful and interesting. These courses are only suggestions and are not requirements. Check out Course Explorer and speak to your academic advisor about the best courses for you.

**Summer 2016 Course Options Note: Deadlines to register are fast approaching!

PHIL 102: Logic & Reasoning–Summer Session I. Taking the LSAT this fall? Professor McCarthy has especially geared this class toward the LSAT and includes causal reasoning, analogical reasoning, elementary statistical inference (including arguments based on samples), and truth-functional inference.

Law 199-A, Best of American Case Law “The Best of American Case Law” is a 10-day course, designed to introduce undergraduates and international students to some of the most important and exciting law school cases. Students will come to understand how the law school classroom works, experience a broad sample of at least 8 different areas of the law, and engage with nationally renowned law faculty as they present some of the most important legal cases. The program aims to enhance students’ ability to think critically and understand case law.

Schedule: July 18 – 29, 2016. 9 AM – 1 PM daily

Each day will feature 1-2 cases, selected from a wide range of U.S. legal cases. Following class, students will have the opportunity to eat lunch with the professor and learn more about the class and/or law school. Afternoons will be spent engaged in a focused study and briefing of the next day’s cases.

**Fall 2016 Course options

CMN 101, 321, 323–> to improve speaking skills and oral advocacy

ENGL 310: Unprotected Speech–> to gain skills in text analysis, writing and research

PS 301 & 2, US Constitution I and II–>extremely helpful base for understanding constitutional law in law school

Law 301: Introduction to Law–>a survey of legal issues for undergrads to explore legal issues

ACE 240: Personal Financial Planning–>Whether for yourself or your clients, lawyers need a solid understanding of financial instruments, budgets, taxes, and estate planning

INFO 202: Social Aspects of Information Technology–>Tech and social media skills are always a plus in any career

LER 290: Introduction to Employment Law–>explore employee and employer legal issues