Taking the LSAT in June? Less than 4 months to go!

If the headline for today’s post shocked you speechless (and you missed last week’s PLAS LSAT Prep Fair), you need to begin your LSAT prep NOW!  Not sure what to do? Here are some tips and suggestions to jump start your LSAT prep.

  1. Begin at the source — the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).  The LSAC administers the LSAT so there is no better place to start your preparation.  As the LSAC advises, very few people achieve their full potential on the LSAT without some preparation.  Most law school applicants also study test-taking techniques and strategies using a variety of test prep materials.  The LSAC has created some short but helpful videos to familiarize you with the test content.  They also have books of previously administered tests and the LSAC’s SuperPrep II guide for sale on their website.  Go here to view the videos and learn more about purchasing test prep materials from LSAC. PLAS also provides an overview of the LSAT on our website.
  2. Create a schedule. Looking for information to help you figure out a good schedule for your LSAT preparation? Go to the PLAS Compass page, login, select the “LSAT Preparation” tab and scroll down to the “LSAT Prep Guide,” provided courtesy of Michigan State University College of Law.  Along with a suggested LSAT study schedule, the Guide contains information on commercial test prep options as well as tips from successful test takers on how to maximize your preparation. The PLAS Compass page also contains a schedule from a former UIUC student that tracks his progress and preparation as he went from a 150 on his first practice test to a 171 on an actual, administered test.
  3. Consider commercial LSAT prep options. In addition to the “LSAT Prep Guide,” referenced above, the PLAS Compass page contains other test prep suggestions and DISCOUNTS for several commercial LSAT prep companies.  Go to our Compass page, select “LSAT Preparation” and scroll down for links to test prep suggestions, information about inexpensive test prep options and the commercial LSAT test prep company discounts!
  4. Think about joining a study group.  PLAS is helping to coordinate the creation of study groups for the June LSAT.  The process is simple. Students fill out the requested information in the Google form here: http://goo.gl/forms/UxIjxoxpG2.  We will create study groups based on your responses and email each student so that the group can coordinate study times.
  5. Practice! Practice! Practice!  Most experts agree that the key to successful LSAT prep is studying effectively and building up to taking as many previously-administered actual LSAT exams as practice tests, under real test conditions, as possible. And if you start today, you will have 4 weeks of studying under your belt before the PLAS sponsored practice LSAT, scheduled for Friday, March 4, 9:00am-12:30pm.  Taking this practice LSAT is a great way to gauge how effective your studying has been.  It can also point to weaknesses that you might want to focus on as you continue your preparation.  Click here to register for the practice LSAT.

Good luck!