Freshmen and Sophomores – It’s Time to Start Thinking Long-Term

With last semester’s grades in the books, it is time to begin thinking about longer term strategy for law school admission. It may seem like applying to law school is a long way off, but you would be amazed at how fast time flies. Below you will find a list of important topics you should begin considering as soon as possible.

  • Résumé – A résumé is an important aspect of your application package, but you will need one long before you begin sending applications to your prospective law schools. If you plan on applying to jobs, internships, or scholarships a résumé will likely be required. Begin working on your résumé now and then you will only have to update it instead of creating one when you actually need it. A tremendous resource for creating an excellent résumé it the Writers Workshop. For more information, check out their website
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) – Often times freshmen and sophomores believe they do not have enough experience to fill up a résumé. One way to fill space and show prospective employers and admissions departments what you are interested in and how you spend your time is by getting involved in an RSO. The University of Illinois boasts more than 1,400 RSOs so take advantage! For more information about RSOs visit the Office of Registered Organizations website,
  • Major(s) and Minor(s) – Whether you have declared your major or not, it is time to think critically about that decision. If you have not declared your major, start thinking about what you would like to focus on now. If you have declared your major but you are thinking about changing it, make your decision as soon as possible. The same thought processes will apply to a minor, if you choose to complete one. Lists of majors and minors along with other useful links can be found here:
  • Internships – Internships provide valuable work experience that can make a résumé shine. We hope you have been utilizing our 20 page Internship Newsletter over on our Pre-Law Compass page that we posted in December! (Click here for instructions on how to access our Compass page.) The newsletter has plenty of job and internship listings for spring, summer and long-term opportunities from Champaign to D.C. and beyond. If you have not done so yet, also sign up for I-Link where you can find more opportunities. For information on I-Link registration and more visit:
  • Pre-Law 101 – Students new to the university or to pre-law should plan on attending a Pre-Law 101 Workshop. Attending a Pre-Law 101 Workshop is a prerequisite to meeting with a Pre-Law advisor. Pre-Law Advising Services only offers one Pre-Law 101 Workshop during the spring semester so register as soon as possible for the March 8 workshop. For registration and more information, click here.
  • LSAT Prep Fair – The 2016 LSAT Prep Fair will take place in Illini Union Room B on Monday, February 1. While freshmen and sophomore will not be taking the LSAT this year, attending the event is still a great idea because it provides an introduction to the LSAT and the various paths to preparing for it. To find out more about the event visit:
  • “Becoming a 21st Century Lawyer” – Take advantage of Pre-Law Advising Services’ programming. Join us TODAY, Wednesday, January 27 in 1064 Lincoln Hall at 5:00 pm where students will hear from Dan Katz, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law Lab at Illinois Tech–Chicago Kent College of Law. Professor Katz will share his unique insights into today’s legal market, including cutting-edge technological legal skills that 21st century lawyers need. He will outline steps that today’s pre-law students can use to begin building the skills of a 21st century lawyer, and he will demonstrate how he is changing legal services by launching The Law Lab.

Take advantage of the many resources you have at your disposal before it’s too late!