It’s January — Get Your Applications In ASAP!!

If you are applying to law school this cycle and do not have your applications in, get them in ASAP!  Remember: this is a rolling admissions process! What is your hold up?

Personal Statement: If you are struggling with drafting your personal statement, get cracking!  Not sure how to get started?  Check out our “Perfecting Your Personal Statement” video on the PLAS Compass page You can also look at our tips both on Compass and the PLAS website.  Once you have a draft, you are welcome to contact the PLAS office at (217) 333-9669 to set up an appointment with an advisor to go over your personal statement.  REMEMBER: you need to submit your draft personal statement 2 business days prior to your appointment!

Addendum:  If you have to submit an addendum to explain something related to a character and fitness disclosure or to explain something else in your application, just sit down and write it!  No amount of hand wringing is going to change a law school’s requirement that you submit this.  Not sure how to begin? First —  Check out the PLAS website to help you get started. Next — Go to the PLAS Compass page for more specific advice.  Both the “Perfecting Your Personal Statement” and “Character and Fitness” videos (found within the “Application Pointers” section) provide information to help you decide how to craft this document.  Once you have a good draft, feel free to make an appointment with a pre-law advisor to discuss it.  We have the same policy for a written addendum as we do for the personal statement: submit your draft 2 business days prior to your appointment.

Letters of Recommendation: Have your letter writers turned in your letters?  If not, you should gently remind them that you need letters submitted to LSAC before the law schools that require LORs will review your applications.  If you haven’t yet asked for letters of recommendation ASK TODAY!

Transcripts:  You need to submit your request for your most recent UIUC transcript to be submitted to your LSAC-CAS account.  Here is a link to the UIUC Registrar’s Office and to LSAC’s explanation of transcripts.  Note: if you have already submitted your applications, you still are obligated to submit an updated transcript to LSAC as part of your continuing obligation to disclose new information and supply updates to your file.  Go here for information on this requirement.

Good Luck!