Just Say Thank You!

The application process is winding down.  You are reviewing your offers and trying to make a decision.  You put in a lot of work and effort to get here so congratulations!

But what about those professors, bosses and mentors who helped you along the way?  Moreover, what about those same individuals that then agreed to write your letters of recommendation?  They typically have to set aside time outside of the office/classroom to write these letters.  And how long do you think it takes to craft a detailed, strong and persuasive letter?  Many hours, according to some letter writers I know.  So THANK THEM!  Let them know how the process has concluded and how much they contributed to your success.

Still not persuaded that good letters of recommendation are that important?  Click on this link to read what Asha Rangappa, Associate Dean for Admissions, Yale Law School has to say about letters of recommendation and why they are so impactful.  Then reach out to your letter writers and JUST SAY THANK YOU!