Mark Your Calendars — Week of February 23

Pre-Law Events

The University of Chicago Law School Presents “After the Application: Scholarships, Wait Lists and Interviews” — Wednesday, February 25, 5-6pm, 514 IUB

Ann Perry, Associate Dean for Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, will share the inside view of what happens in law school admissions after you submit your application. What are they looking for in an interview, and how to they decide whom to invite to interview? How does the wait list work? Is there anything applicants can do to improve their wait list chances? Bring your questions for Dean Perry about what’s really going on in the admissions office after your applications are submitted!


Campus Events

“Reimagining Law” – Professor Gillian Hadfield, the Richard L. and Antoinette Kirtland professor of law and professor of economics at the University of Southern California will be visiting the College of Law to give the 2015 Paul M. Van Arsdell, Jr. Memorial Lecture on Litigation and the Legal Profession.  The talk will focus on the many challenges facing the legal profession and legal markets.  The event will take place at the College of Law on Tuesday, February 24, 2014 at 12:00 in the Auditorium. Lunch will be provided to all attendees.


The College of Law’s Bankruptcy Law Society, Corporate & Business Law Association and the Real Estate Law Society Present Guest Speakers: Stephen P. Harbeck & Jill Nicholson.  Stephen P. Harbeck, President and CEO of Securities Investor Protection Corporation, will present his role in the Lehman Brothers and Madoff bankruptcy cases. Ms. Jill Nicholson, Foley & Lardner’s National Bankruptcy & Business Reorganization Practice Chair and Alumna will moderate.  This event will take place at the College of Law on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 12:00 in Room D.  Lunch will be provided to all attendees.


Career Center Workshops.  Unless otherwise indicated, all Career Center events will be held at the Career Center, 715 S. Wright Street. For more information or to register for any of these programs, go here.

  • Getting the Job: Interviewing Tips, 4-5 pm.
  • Best Job Search Resources for International Students, 4-5:30 pm, The Interview Suite, 616 E. Green
  • Coffee Chat at the Career Center, 4:30-5:30 pm
  • Creating Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters, 5-6 pm


Want more from your summer?  Get a part-time internship with a local non-profit organization through UIntern!  Check out UIntern, a Career Center-led program that facilitates summer internships at local nonprofit organizations for students interested in helping their community while also developing useful career skills.  Over 25 internships have already been identified for UIntern participants with leading area nonprofits like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Champaign County Regional Commission, Courage Connection, CU at Home, CU Schools Foundation, Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club, Eastern Illinois Foodbank, Institute 4 Creativity, Mahomet Area Youth Club, United Way, Clark-Lindsey, Wesley Food Pantry, YWCA, Youth & Family Peer Support Alliance, and more.

Candidates must be freshmen, sophomores, or juniors.  All majors are welcome.  Learn more about the requirements for UIntern and how to get a chance to apply to these internships at one of our information sessions on either Monday, February 23 at 4 pm or Tuesday, February 24 at 12 pm.  Both sessions will be held at The Interview Suite 213, 616 E. Green St. (Enter Kaplan Building between McDonald’s and Subway).  Interested students MUST attend one of the information sessions.  For more information please visit:


Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad

Are you interested in study abroad but concerned that it is not financially feasible? Are you a recipient of the Federal Pell Grant?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, there is a study abroad scholarship just for you! The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship aims to diversify the kinds of students who study and intern abroad by offering awards to U.S. undergraduates who might otherwise not participate due to financial constraints.

Eligibility: U.S. citizen undergraduate students receiving Federal Pell Grant funding

Timeline: The Gilman Scholarship is available for semester-long, year-long, and summer programs (must be at least 4 consecutive weeks in a country). The next deadline is March 3, 2015 for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and Academic year 2015-2016 study abroad programs.


The New Americans Initiative (NAI) is a non-profit partnership between The State of Illinois and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to help permanent residents in the state of Illinois take the next step towards U.S. Citizenship. NAI is in great need of volunteers who are committed to building a strong and empowered constituency. Pre-law students can make a big difference in the lives of immigrant individuals and families by assisting them through the process of naturalization, while working alongside experienced immigration lawyers.

Becoming a U.S. Citizen is an important decision in a person’s life, but can also be a daunting task. Reducing the barriers and complications to citizenship will allow more individuals to complete this process and have a voice in our nation. The University YMCA of the University of Illinois is a participating organization in the New Americans Initiative (NAI), reaching out to campus and community members about the application process, the requirements, legal referrals and other helpful community resources. An information session about the New Americans Initiative at the University YMCA will be held on February 26 at 6pm. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved, please fill out this volunteer interest form.


Off Campus Events

Trials is a partnership between NYU School of Law, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation.  The program is fully subsidized and intended for students of modest means from backgrounds typically underrepresented at the nation’s top law schools. Student will study for five weeks at either Harvard or New York University.  The deadline to apply is this Saturday, February 28, 2015.  The application process is quite involved, so if you have any interest in applying begin the process immediately.  For more information, please visit:


Looking for an alternative to studying abroad or an additional experience? Then Illinois in Washington (IIW) may be right for you.  IIW allows Illinois students to study in Washington, D.C., during either the fall, spring or summer, while earning up to 12 credits.  Additionally, IIW will help students in the program find an internship in Washington.  Please note, that the program itself is not an internship and you must apply to internships yourself, but IIW will provide resources to help in the process.  No student that has participated in IIW has failed to obtain an internship.  IIW is a great opportunity for students from all majors.  The experiences gained from IIW will help in all facets of professional life.  For more information, please visit:


Interested in Law, Business, and Technology?  Consider a Master of Science in Law at Northwestern Law.  The Master of Science in Law (“MSL”) is a degree program for STEM-trained individuals offered by the Northwestern University School of Law.  Designed especially for students with engineering, science, technology, mathematics, and medical backgrounds, the one-year MSL provides focused business-centered legal training in the areas of intellectual property, entrepreneurship/business law, and regulation.  MSL students learn how to navigate the legal issues they will confront as scientists, engineers, doctors, and technologists; the MSL is not a traditional JD program to train lawyers.  If you are interested in acquiring skills that will help you expand your professional options, please consider an MSL degree at Northwestern University School of Law.  We offer full- and part-time options.  It is free to apply and we are currently accepting applications for the fall 2015 semester.  Join one of three webinars to learn more about the MSL on February 27 at 12 pm, April 6 at 5 pm or June 4 at 4 pm.  We will provide an overview of the program and answer questions from the audience.  For more information on our program and instructions on how to join the webinar, visit:


Have a great week!