The 2014 Internship Newsletter is live on Compass!

The long wait for the 2014 Internship Newsletter is finally over!  Please visit our Compass page to begin combing through the newsletter to find summer opportunities that interest you.  If you are a pre-law student, simply log in with your credentials to access the page.  If you are not pre-law but would like to access the newsletter, please follow the instructions here.  Positions are available throughout Illinois and across the country.  Many positions have due dates over break, so we encourage you to begin working on applications as soon as possible.

Remember that winter break is a wonderful time to rest and relax after finals, but it is also a time that you will have fewer obligations.  So, use your break to begin planning for summer.  By the time February rolls around, it may be too late to secure the summer position you want.  Graduating seniors should begin looking for post-graduation jobs, and juniors, sophomores and freshmen should decide how they will spend their summer months.

For those of you who plan on applying to law school in Fall 2015, winter break is a great time to begin preparing for the LSAT.  Take a practice LSAT to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  We have uploaded a complete sample LSAT to Compass (source: for your convenience, which can be found here.  You can never start studying too early!  Additionally, this will provide you with some perspective that will help you gauge which LSAT prep company is the best for you at the 2015 LSAT Prep Fair on Thursday, February 5, from 4:00-6:00 pm in Illini Union Room B.

For anyone who has not applied to their prospective schools yet and wishes to start in Fall 2015, FINISH YOUR APPLICATIONS! The time to submit is now!

Enjoy your break and Happy Holidays!