So you’ve selected a school . . . NOW WHAT!?

Congratulations!  Many Pre-Law students have evaluated their law school offers and have selected the law school where they will start in the fall!  If this is you, you are probably enjoying checking off your last major responsibilities as an undergraduate!  Here is a practical checklist of the actions you should take this summer!

1.  Professionally let other schools know that you have made your selection.  Follow the Email Etiquette advice from our recent blog post!

2.  Start looking for housing / a roommate.  Usually the school you’ve selected will provide a resource for you in completing this task.  Consider the major financial benefits of having a roommate.

3.  Join the facebook group of your class – or ask the admissions office what other media groups exist where you’ll see some social opportunities once students arrive to the area.

4.  Check your new email account.  Decide whether you want to connect the new account to your personal email or maintain an entirely separate account.  Get in the habit of checking the account.

5.  Prepare your finances.  Assure you have the money to buy books, pay a security deposit and your first month’s rent, and any moving expenses BEFORE the first loan disbursement – which is usually well after these expenses have occurred.

6.  Send your undergraduate final transcript to your new law school.