CollegeCONNECT with UIUC Pre-Law

CollegeCONNECT Kick-Off Event – Tuesday, November 19 at 6:00 p.m.

College of Law Auditorium – Free Dinner Provided

CollegeCONNECT is a brand-new experiential learning program starting this Spring semester that helps undergraduates identify and accomplish goals while developing invaluable relationship-building skills.  The program teaches students to be mindful of relationships, helping participants overcome fears about “networking” while laying the groundwork for a lifetime of success.

This Kick-Off Event will feature University of Illinois College of Law student leaders who will share their personal experiences in law school, specifically their networking and goal-setting strategies for both applying to law schools and for the job hunt and ongoing opportunities once in law school.  The panel includes leaders from a diverse variety of student organizations, and will include ample time for Q & A.

Students at any year/level are welcome to attend this event to learn more about the CollegeCONNECT program.  The curriculum includes 7 “Missions” or lessons, that will be carried out with the support of a small group.  These Missions include:  Goals and Accountability, Relationships Action Plan, Generosity, Intimacy, Candor, Mentors, and Financial Awareness.

View the details on our Event Calendar: or email Donna Davis at with any specific questions.