Post LSAT Results Suggestions and Fee Waivers

October LSAT takers should now have their scores.  For those of you applying Early Decision, deadlines are coming up in November and December.  Make sure you have your applications submitted by the stated deadlines!  For those of you applying in the general cycle, Fall Break is a month away, which is a perfect time to submit your applications.  So, one more time, here is your to-do list:

1. Finish your personal statement and optional essays!  Need help? The next PLAS Personal Statement and Resume Workshop is set for Monday, November 11, Noon-1pm, Room 514, IUB. Please go to the PLAS Event Calendar to register for this program,, so we have enough seating and materials for all participants. Do you have a strong draft and feel ready to discuss it? Call the Pre-Law Advising Services office at 333-9669 and schedule an appointment.  Remember to send you personal statement, essay or any other document, such as your resume, 2 business days prior to your appointment.

2. Submit your transcript(s) to LSAC.  For more information on LSAC’s transcript request policies, go here:

3. Check to make sure your Letters of Recommendation have been posted to your Credential Assembly Services account. If not, now is a good time to check in with your recommenders to inquire (respectfully) and see when they will be able to submit them.  If you haven’t requested your LORs, do so ASAP! Check out our October 1 PLAS posting for more information on how to secure good LORs.

4. Check out some of our previous blog posts for more information about staying on track with your applications.

5. For those of you disappointed with your October results, now is the time to consider next steps and to ask yourself if re-taking the LSAT is the right decision. In the alternative, maybe it makes sense for you to consider other non-law school options for next year.  If you want to discuss your concerns, you can always schedule an appointment with a pre-law advisor by calling 333-9669.

Fee Waivers Available at PLAS!

Pre-Law Advising Services has a limited number of fee waivers for the following law schools: (1) University of Maryland; (2) University of Missouri; (3) St. Louis University; and (4) Tulane University. If you are interested in receiving a fee waiver, please contact Judy Argentieri,  These fee waivers will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.