Fall 2013: Important Dates and Deadlines

Below is an abbreviated list of dates, deadlines and events for Fall 2013 that may be of interest to pre-law students. These dates do not include all PLAS programs. Visit our online Event Calendar to view all upcoming workshops at http://illinois.edu/calendar/list/2508

Date                             Event                                                        

September 3                Deadline to register for the October LSAT. www.lsac.org

September 5                Illinois Study Abroad Fair 


September 9                Deadline to add a semester course

September 10              Illinois in Washington Information Sessions


September 17              Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Visit

IUB Room 514, 4-5pm

September 17              Michigan State University College of Law Webinar:

                                    Suggestions for Strengthening Your Law School Application

MSU College of Law is offering a series of FREE webinars on a variety of topics relating to law school and a legal career.  MSU kicks off this year with suggestions on how to craft a strong law school application.  If you would like to learn more about this and upcoming webinars, and to register, go here: http://www.law.msu.edu/admissions/webinars/Suggestions-for-Strengthening-webinar.html.

September 19              First Pre-Law Orientation workshop

Visit our online calendar, http://illinois.edu/calendar/list/2508to view all workshops and to register

September 26              First Personal Statement & Resume workshop

Visit our online calendar, http://illinois.edu/calendar/list/2508to view all workshops and to register

October 5                     LSAT—Register at www.lsac.org by September 3

October 12                   Kaplan Practice LSAT/Princeton Review Practice LSAT

Kaplan Test Prep is offering a FREE practice LSAT test at their 616 East Green Street location. For more information and to register, go to www.kaptest.com. Princeton Review is also offering a FREE practice LSAT at the UIUC College of Law, 504 East Pennsylvania Avenue. For more info and to register, go to www.princetonreview.com. Other test prep companies will offer similar opportunities online.  Do your research and take advantage of these opportunities to help evaluate where you are with regard to your LSAT preparation.  

October 18                   Deadline to drop a semester class or to elect credit/no credit

October 22                   Law School Fair

It’s the biggest pre-law event of the year! 10-2 at the ARC. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet reps from 100 law schools! Click on the link to see details of last year’s Law School Fair. Info on 2013 will be posted soon!


October 29                  Harvard Law School Visit

514 IUB 11am-Noon

November 1 -15          Early Decision Applications due

This is also a good target date to complete your law school applications.

November 4                 Deadline to register for December 7th LSAT

                                       Register online at www.lsac.org

November 25-29         Fall Break

This is a good time to visit law schools! Call the admissions office to see when they are open; most will be open earlier in the week.

December 11              Last Day of Classes

December 13-20        Final Exams