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Junkins, E. J., Pantin, K. & Derringer, J. (in prep). Personality Differences across Broader Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities.

  • Summary: A largely descriptive and exploratory project to better represent key aspects of human diversity and note patterns of differences across groups on personality traits. A limited range of human diversity is studied, so we will discuss implications for the attainability of diverse samples, representativeness, demographics, and population trends based on the current project.

Junkins, E. J., Dugan, K., & Derringer, J. (in prep). Brief Examination of the Exclusion of LGBTQ+ and Nonbinary Folks in Romantic Relationships Research.

  • Summary: A metascience project reporting on the exclusive practices operating over the past 5 years in empirical research published in the top relationships research outlets for psychology and related fields.

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