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Factors Responsible for Post Harvest Losses of Paddy in Rewa District in Madhya Pradesh

The Journal of Progressive Agriculture in India recently publish the paper “Factors responsible for post harvest losses of paddy in Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh.” The paper focuses on 2009 paddy (rice) PHL in Madhya Pradesh and found that harvesting is responsible for causing 7.68 kg/q loss, followed by threshing and winnowing, transportation, storage, and […]


Ending Food Waste from Field to Fork

The African Development Bank Group published  slides from a recent conference (PDF), ‘The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus,’ in Bonn, Germany. The slides provide a summary of major PHL issues in Africa, the reasons for loss, AfDB projects in the continent, and continued need for more projects and funding in the future. http://www.water-energy-food.org/documents/hottopicsessions/ht02/nexus_ht2_abou_sabaa.pdf