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A smallholder farmer in Africa watches a SAWBO instructional video on his mobile phone. Credit: ADM Institute/Barry Pittendrigh.

Innovation in Measurement: Perspective and Practice

by Steve Sonka Growing up on an Iowa dairy farm, I was introduced to the need to measure, even if informally, at an early age.  In those days, we had to carry the (hopefully full) bucket of milk from the cow to the can where we collected the milk.  Doing that, it was fairly easy […]

Rice spilling from jute bags in a processing facility near Chennai, India © ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss

Food Security, Postharvest Loss, and Henry Kissinger

by Steve Sonka The issue of global food security has recently reemerged as an important societal concern.  Factors such as the prospect of needing to feed an additional two billion people in the next two or three decades, the presence today of nearly 870 million people who are chronically hungry, and the recent social unrest […]


Cutting Food Loss and Food Waste Will Benefit People and the Environment, Says a New Study on World Environment Day

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) released a working paper titled ‘Reducing Food Loss and Waste’ on June 5th, World Environment Day. The report describes how reducing food loss and food waste contributes to global environmental sustainability goals, as well as recommends 5 strategies for reducing loss. The first […]


EC Seeks Proposals for Projects to Improve the Livelihood of Rural Households in Malawi through Improvement in Post-harvest Storage and Processing Methods

The Malawi government is seeking proposals for postharvest storage and processing and diversification of smallholder agriculture productivity. Deadline for submissions is Feb. 6, 2012. http://www.fundsforngos.org/europe/ec-seeks-proposals-projects-improve-livelihood-rural-households-malawi-improvement-postharvest-storage-processing-methods/      


Agricultural Post-harvest Waste Generation and Management for Selected Crops in Minna, Niger State, North Central Nigeria

The Journal of Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation recently published the report ‘Agricultural Post-Harvest Waste Generation and Management for Selected Crops in Minna, Niger State, North Central Nigeria’. The report examines the amount of postharvest residues of maize, rice, and groundnuts, as well as implications and methods to reduce and reuse the waste. http://www.trisanita.org/jases/asespaper2011/ases44v6n4y2011.pdf


Comparison of Three Methods of Weight Loss Determination on Maize Stored in Two Farmer Environments Under Natural Infestation

The Journal of Stored Products and Postharvest Research published a report by two Kenyan authors titled, ‘Comparison of three methods of weight loss determination on maize stored in two farmer environments under natural infestation’ (PDF). The report analyzes the weight loss assessments of standard volume weight (SVW), count and weigh (C&W), and the indirect with […]


Assessment of Postharvest Losses of Some Selected Crops in Eight Local Government Areas of River States in Nigeria

  New report analyzes postharvest losses of selected crops in 8 local government areas in Nigeria. Although dealing mainly with vegetables, maize is highlighted as well. Works Cited includes some other resources to consider. http://docsdrive.com/pdfs/knowledgia/ajrd/0000/31329-31329.pdf