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PHL Learning Journey with the Rockefeller Foundation: Key Elements to Success

by Steve Sonka, Research Professor, ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss Between January 2014 and September 2015, the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss (ADMI) has been conducting a Global Learning Assessment focused on postharvest loss reduction.  The analysis was conducted with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation Waste and Spoilage […]


Combating Postharvest Loss for Smallholders: How to Achieve Sustainable Adoption?

By Steve Sonka and Grace Kenney The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss is currently working on a learning assessment of global food loss as part of a grant funded with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation for the Waste and Spoilage in the Food Chain Development Initiative. This effort has led to […]

<span style="font-size: 11px;font: Arial;color: #999999">Premises of a local trader who purchases grain from farmers. <em>Credits: ADM Institute/MART.</em></span>

A Story of Loss: The Dynamics of Postharvest Loss Prevention

by Grace R. Kenney As the world’s population continues to grow, the challenge of feeding a growing population becomes more crucial. The capacity to feed an additional two billion people will need to be achieved in the next two or three decades, and currently there are nearly 870 million people who are chronically hungry.   […]


Sustainable Prevention of Postharvest Loss

by Steve Sonka When it comes to preventing postharvest loss, we know certain things.  We know that reliable data is lacking, and that measurement is key to overcoming the data impediment.  We also know that historically, data has been too expensive to gather, although with 21st century technology there is opportunity for innovation that can […]

A smallholder farmer in Africa watches a SAWBO instructional video on his mobile phone. Credit: ADM Institute/Barry Pittendrigh.

Innovation in Measurement: Perspective and Practice

by Steve Sonka Growing up on an Iowa dairy farm, I was introduced to the need to measure, even if informally, at an early age.  In those days, we had to carry the (hopefully full) bucket of milk from the cow to the can where we collected the milk.  Doing that, it was fairly easy […]