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We Are Suffering ‘Double Double’ Under Mills, Ghanaians Tell Nana

Citizens and farmers complain to the 2012 New Patriot Part (NPP) candidate for President about the state of rural roads, blaming it for large postharvest losses and advocating for changes in the government approach.


Harvesting the Future: FAO and the EU Improve Postharvest Conditions

Cambodia and the EU are working together to improve postharvest conditions (video) through distribution of tarpaulins and rice storage bins and the provision of complementary training. This specific project will affect about 9,000 families.


New Vistas for India-New Zealand Trade

New Zealand and India working on collaborative partnership – in the agricultural sector, NZ is helping India with its food security issue. NZ wants to revolutionize the post-harvest management logistics in India. India sees NZ expertise in agriculture as one that will aid in the reduction of their high postharvest loss.


Malo Traders Win 2nd Place in Dell Social Innovation Competition

2011 Dell Social Innovation Competition – Second place winner was MaloTraders, a group dealing with using cutting-edge technology to help with postharvest loss in Mali.