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EAC Bloc in Talks Over Commodity Exchange Forum

The East African Community has kicked-off negotiations for the creation of a common commodity exchange to boost growers’ earnings and availability of food. The bloc is in talks with an independent international consultancy, Nicolas Berggruen Institute (NBI), that comprises a group of former heads of state and global entrepreneurs to help create the facility. The planned commodity […]


Experts Call for Improved Technologies to Reduce Loss in Rice Harvesting

Pointing out that post-harvest loss in rice occurred to the extent of 15 per cent, K. Alagusundaram, Director, Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Thanjavur, suggested strategies for minimizing them. “Though paddy harvest is completely mechanized, there is still a need for developing mechanical harvesters that will not cause damage to either the grains or straw. […]


Sub-Saharan Africa Loses US$4bn to Postharvest Losses

Postharvest grain losses in sub-Saharan Africa are estimated at around US$4 billion a year, according to a World Bank and Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) report. The lost food, according to the report, titled: ‘Missing Food: The Case of Post-Harvest Grain Losses in sub-Saharan Africa’, could meet the minimum annual food requirements of at least 48 […]


NESG: Nigeria Loses 1.2tr Yearly to Poor Agric Development

Nigeria has conducted a study to understand the monetary and physical losses in their agricultural sector. Focusing on government involvement in order to use agricultural as a means of rural development (and to facilitate social cohesion).  


PEF Calls for Commodity Exchange for Agric

The Private Enterprises Foundation (PEF) has proposed the establishment of an agricultural commodity exchange to bring producers, buyers and consumers together to trade on a common platform. This, PEF explained, would provide ready market for farm gate products from agricultural centers and thereby help to reduce post harvest losses.