Phishing Campaign Targeting International Students

There is a phishing campaign circulating this week targeting international students. An example message is provided here. Note that it is attempting to impersonate university leadership and is making alarming statements that might cause someone to panic and act without thinking. The message is also full of grammatical errors and prompting recipients to share personal […]

New anti-phishing tools to deploy this week

Dear campus community, You likely have noticed the recent increase in malicious emails in your inbox. Universities around the globe are experiencing similar increases, and we’re working around the clock to mitigate the problem and prevent continued phishing attacks. Technology Services’ Privacy and Cybersecurity team is turning on the first of several planned solutions over […]

Text-Based Scams

Text-based Phishing Scams We’re starting to see an increase in text-message phishing scams like the example below. If you receive a text from unknown origins with a link and/or time pressure and/or claims of too-good-to-be-true offers, we recommend blocking the number and deleting the text. Do NOT click the links or respond to the sender. […]

Tutoring Scam

We have recently seen examples of “tutoring scam” emails at the university. Please see the example image below and visit these links from other institutions outlining the common elements of this type of scam. As always, if you aren’t sure whether an email is legitimate, you can reach out to your local IT […]