Quota Limit Exceeded-New Messages will Return

Below are examples of a phishing scam email about email quotas.

It is very rare that “email quota” notifications with time pressure will be legitimate. However, if you aren’t sure, rather than clicking a generic link from an email, you can sign in to your Outlook Online account at webmail.illinois.edu, click the Gear icon to open settings, select “View all Outlook settings,” select General, then select “Storage.”

These instructions can also be found in Answers @ Illinois KB article 48009 – https://answers.uillinois.edu/48009

phishing attempt from spoofed or compromised Illinois account claiming a quota on email has been exceed and the user must sign in to reset the quota or lose all messages

Fake message purporting to be from IT about an Incident number with subject New Messages Will Return! The text is the same as the email quota phish and includes an HTM attachment that opens a web form to provide multiple passwords.