Seminar Schedule

Spring 2024 seminars are held 12-1 PM in room 426-428 Mumford Hall on Mondays.

Spring 2024 Schedule 

Mar 18 Becca Taylor (UIUC, ACE)
“Plastic Bag Bans vs Taxes: Lessons and Open Questions”

Mar 25 No Seminar (Admitted Graduate Student Visit Day)

April 1 Dan Wilson (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
“Climate Change and The Geography of the U.S. Economy”

April 8 Bharat Ramaswami (Ashoka University)
“Deadweight Losses or Gains from In-kind Transfers: Experimental Evidence”

April 15 Angelo Gurgel (MIT)
“Future Patterns of U.S. Agricultural Land Use with Multiple Stressors”

April 22 Wei Zhu (UIUC, Gies)
“Silent Skies: The Impact of Meeting Earnings Benchmarks on Bird Populations”

April 29 Matthew Tarduno (UIC, Econ)
“Misperceptions About Air Pollution: Implications for Willingness to Pay and Environmental Inequality”

May 14 (1) Gustavo Nino (UIUC, ACE)
“Disruption in Ground Transportation: Landslides and Disintegration of Food Local Markets”

(2) Hyungsun Yim (UIUC, ACE)
“Impact of Extreme Weather Events on the U.S. Domestic Supply Chain of Food Manufacturing”

(3) Sunlee Stechuk (UIUC, Econ)
“Cost-Effective Ways to Induce Recycling: A Randomized Control Trial of Single-Family Households in Rantoul, Illinois”

Fall 2023 Schedule 

Aug 28 Shadi Atallah (UIUC, ACE)
Welcome back and introduction to ERE research in ACE

Sept 4 Labor Day

Sept 11 Andy Hultgren (UIUC, ACE)
“Climate change and crop choice: Evidence from a global panel”

Sept 18 Hsin-Chieh Hsieh (UIUC, ACE)
“The effect of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program on ambient water quality in the United States”

Sept 25 Jiameng Zheng (UIUC, Gies)
“Impacts of industrial chemical accidents in the US”

Oct 2 Marin Skidmore (UIUC, ACE)
“Extreme Heat and Livestock Production: Cost and Adaptation in the US Dairy Sector”

Oct 9 No Seminar

Oct 16 Kaylee Wells (UIUC, ACE)

Oct 23 No Seminar – Joint seminar with IPAD and FACS on Oct 26

Oct 26 Greg Lane (University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy)
“The value of forecasts: Experimental evidence from developing-country agriculture”
*Joint seminar with IPAD and FACS

Oct 30 No Seminar

Nov 6 Andrew Beguhl (UIUC, ACE)
*Joint seminar with FACS

Nov 13 TBA

Nov 20 Fall Break

Nov 27 Pavaani Sachdeva (UIUC, ACE)
“Household finance in the aftermath of floods and wildfires”

Dec 4 Yilan Xu (UIUC, ACE)
“A new approach to constructing the climate disaster-induced dynamic information network”

Spring 2023 Schedule

Feb 20 Andy Hultgren (UIUC, ACE)
“Strategic innovation and lobbying in response to regulatory uncertainty”

Feb 27 (1) Na Zhang (UIUC, ACE)
“Drivers of cover crop adoption in the US Midwest: Peer effects and land ownership”

(2) Frederick Nyanzu (UIUC, ACE)
“Can foraging, hunting, and subsistence fishing combat food insecurity among vulnerable households?”

Mar 6 Chengzheng Yu (UIUC, ACE)
“Owning robots or hiring services for weed removal? Bioeconomic and behavioral drivers”

Mar 13 No Seminar – Spring Break

Mar 20 Jared Hutchins (UIUC, ACE)
“Hedonic analysis of input markets: A theory and an application”

Mar 27 No Seminar – Admitted Student Visit Day

April 3 (1) Francesco Cenerini (UIUC, Econ)
“Environmental and cultural externalities of the Indonesian Transmigration Program”

(2) Linghui Wu (UIUC, ACE)
“Drivers and barriers to adopting cover cropping technology among midwestern farmers”

April 10 Jennifer Rushlow (Illinois Wesleyan University, Econ)
“The role of middlemen and market power in resource harvesting across space: The case of a bushmeat supply chain”

April 17 Mar Reguant (Northwestern University, Econ)
“The distributional impacts of Real-Time Pricing”

April 24 Yuqing Han (UIUC, Econ)
“Unintended effects of trade war on solar energy adoption”

May 1 (1) Cheng Bi (UIUC, ACE)
“Identifying the natural enemy-adjusted economic threshold (NEET) for dynamically optimal pest management in high tunnels”

(2) Shaymae Senhaji (UIUC, ACE)
“Growers’ willingness to adopt integrated pest and pollinator management strategies in Lebanon”

Fall 2022 schedule

August 29 Introduction

Sept 5 Labor Day

Sept 12 Andy Hultgren (UIUC, ACE)
“Climate impacts and firms as strategic actors (Or: some things I like to think about)”

Sept 19 Marin Skidmore (UIUC, ACE)
“Questions I study at the intersection of ag and the environment.”

Sept 26 (1) Sébastien Box-Couillard (UIUC, ACE)
“Racial Housing Price Differentials in the U.S. Housing Market”

(2) Abigail Stocker (UIUC, Econ)
“Climate Change, Autonomous Vehicles and the Future Demand for Travel”

Oct 3 Paavani Sachdeva (UIUC, ACE)
“Impact of Floods and Wildfires on Household Finances”

Oct 10 Steven Smith (Colorado School of Mines)
“Center Pivot Irrigation Systems as a Form of Drought Risk Mitigation in Humid Regions”

Oct 17 Faculty Lightning Talks

Oct 24 Edson Domingues (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) 
“Green Growth and Zero Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Modeling, Scenarios, and Economic Impacts”

Oct 31 Yilan Xu (UIUC, ACE) 
“Seeding Large Scale Public Health Interventions in Multilayer Social Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes”

Nov 7 Maria Kalaitzandonakes (UIUC, ACE)
“Consumer Willingness to Pay for Tree Syrups Derived from Diversified Forests”

Nov 14 Kaylee Wells (UIUC, ACE)
“The Effect of Climate Change on Outdoor Recreation: Evidence from Cell Phone Data on Grassland and Golf Course Visitation”

Nov 21 Fall Break – no seminar

Nov 28 Tatyana Deryugina (UIUC, Gies)
“When Do Transfers Respond to Need? Evidence from Natural Disasters”

Dec 5 Yifan Peng (UIUC, ACE)
“Food Banks and Disaster Relief”

Spring 2022

April 14 (1) Kierstin Ekstrom (UIUC/ACE)
“Resilience in the midst of a pandemic: a study of a livelihoods program in rural Nepal”

(2) Chengzheng Yu (UIUC/ACE)
“Economic Incentives for Robotic Weed Control in Row Crop Agriculture”

April 21 (1) Noelia Romero (UIUC/ECON)
“The Venezuelan Diaspora: Evidence From The Peruvian Labor Market”

(2) Francesco Cenerini (UIUC/ECON)
“Deep Sea Mining: Nonrenewable Resources Competition Under Uncertain Gains”

April 28 (1) Inder Majumdar (UIUC/ACE)
“Evaluating the Efficiency Frontier: Analyzing smallholder farmer preferences for contracts”

(2) Alix Naugler (UIUC/ACE)
“The Impact of Firm Dynamics on Consumer Suspicion and Firm Competitiveness: Evidence from Tanzania”

Fall 2021

Sept 2 Introductions

Sept 9 Khashi Ghorbani (UIUC/ACE)

Sept 16 Linghui Wu (UIUC/ACE)
“A choice experiment of pest and pollinator management”

Sept 23 Kaylee Wells (UIUC/ACE)
“The Use Value of Grasslands in the Tallgrass Prairie Region of the United States”

Sept 30 Hope Michelson
“Correcting False Beliefs”

Oct 7 Seminar + Mixer
12-1pm: Combined ACE/Econ seminar with faculty lightning talks from 12-1pm
4-5:30: All ACE and Economics faculty/students are invited to join an outdoor Applied-Micro Mixer with food on the South Quad

Oct 11 (Monday) Danny Tannenbaum (Nebraska)
Applied Microeconomics Research Seminar

Oct 14 Luoye Chen

Oct 20 (Wednesday) Rob Metcalf (USC)
Applied Microeconomics Research Seminar

Oct 21 Hyeran Chung (UIUC/ACE)

Oct 28 Hiroshi Matsushima (UIUC/ACE)

Nov 4 Gowthami Venkateswaran (30 min)

Sebastien Box-Couillard (30 min)
“The effect of flood insurance on property values after a flood”

Nov 11 Maria Noelia Romero (UIUC/ECON)
“How do schools respond to an increase in immigrant enrollment? Evidence from Peru”

Nov 18 (1) Rocio Valdebenito
“Higher education access and fertility outcomes in Chile”

(2) Gustavo Nino

Nov 25 Fall Break – no seminar

Dec 02 Victor Leal (UIUC, ACE)
“Product Differentiation on the market for bull genetics: feature selection and pseudo-hedonic pricing”

Dec 9 Chang Cai (UIUC/ACE)
“Wildfire and Visitation in U.S. National Parks”

Spring 2021

Jan 25 (1) Jonathan Coppess (UIUC/ACE)
“USDA Administrative Transition”

Feb 1 Liqing Li (Cal State Fullerton; Economics)
“Early Exposure to Nature and Willingness to Pay for Conservation”

Feb 8 Networking time

Feb 15 Shan He (UIUC/Economics)
“Correcting Market Failures with a ‘Durability Gap”

Feb 22 Danae Hernandez Cortez (UCSB)
“The Distributional Consequences of Incomplete Regulation”

Mar 1 CEOS Mini-talks #3

Mar 8 Stephanie Brockmann (UNH)
“Aquatic invasive species CGE or shade-grown coffee paper”

Mar 15 (1) Cliff Singer (UIUC/NPRE) and Bei Yang (UIUC/Economics)
“Green Deal Commitments Prospects and Stability”

Mar 22 Peter Christensen (UIUC/ACE)

Mar 29 Carson Reeling (Purdue)
Permit Markets Benefit from Cost-Based Trade Ratios when Emissions Targets are Exogenous”

April 5 Linghui Wu (UNH/PhD Candidate)
“Tradeoffs between pollinator health and pest control: evidence from a choice experiment with Midwestern cucurbit farmers”

April 12 Robert Huber (ETH Zurich)

April 19 Joseph Chang (UIUC/ACE)
“Valuing portfolios of ecosystem service changes due to climate change”

April 20* Peter Gleick (Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security)
“The Past, Present, and Future of Water: Challenges and Opportunities”

*Tuesday iSEE talk

April 26 Paavani Sachdeva (UIUC/ACE)

May 3 Ruiqing Miao (Auburn/Economics)

Fall 2020

Aug 31 Chi Ta (ACE)
“Does competition for rebates increase energy conservation?”

Sept 7 No seminar – Labor Day

Sept 14 Ben Gramig with Bowen Chen and Seong Do Yun (ACE)
“A causal analysis of the effect of conservation tillage on U.S. corn and soybean yield and profitability”

Sept 21 Jhorland Ayala (ACE)
“Impact of preventive investment on natural disasters”

Sept 28 (1) Kaylee Wells (ACE)
“Lockdown and the value of grassland restoration”

(2) Frederick Nyanzu (ACE)
“Is conservation valued more for local food or nature?”

Oct 5 Shadi Atallah (ACE)
“The economics of agroecological practices for sustainable agriculture: An ecosystem service modeling approach”

Oct 12 (1) Seojeong Oh (ACE)
“Exploiting Water Quality Trading Opportunities: A Study in the Upper Sangamon River Watershed in Illinois”

(2) Hsin-Chieh Hsieh (ACE)
“The Effect of USDA Conservation Programs on Water Quality in the Illinois River Basin”

Oct 19  Pablo Ordonez (ACE)
“Power Plants, Air Pollution, and Health in Colombia”

Oct 26 (1) Chengzheng Yu (ACE)
“Time-varying adaptation of corn and soybean yields to a changing climate: A generalized long differences approach”

(2) Hiroshi Matsushima (ACE)
“Evaluating the effects of footprint-based CAFE standards in the U.S. new vehicle market”

Oct 30* Jeff Wagner (Rochester Institute of Technology)
“Tort reform, public harm, and welfare” co-authored by John K. Stranlund (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

*at the Friday ACE Department Seminar

Nov 2 No seminar this day

Nov 9 (1) Chang Cai (ACE)
“Wildfire and visitation at U.S. National Parks”

(2) Jia Zhong (ACE)
“Alternative fuel synergy on greener transportation”

Nov 16 Merin Oleschuk (HDFS)
“Do manly men love meat while smiling women eat salad? Using prototypes to study social categories, action and inequality using a case-study of meat-eating and vegetarianism”

Nov 23 No seminar – Thanksgiving

Nov 30 Fahd Majeed (ACE)
“Designing payments for GHG mitigation to induce low carbon bioenergy production”

Dec 7 Luoye Chen (ACE)
“Climate and economic triggers of cropland change in the US: A fine-scale spatial analysis”

Spring 2020

Jan 7 No seminar – ACE faculty search seminar instead

Feb 3 No seminar – ACE faculty search seminar instead

Feb 10 Welcome back, organizational meeting

Feb 17  No seminar

Feb 24 Bowen Chen (UIUC – ACE)
“Empirical Measurement of the Impact of Conservation Tillage Adoption on Crop Yields”

March 2 Matt Harvey (Citizens Utility Board)
“Clean Energy Jobs Act and Energy Efficiency/Clean Energy”

March 9 David Molitor (Center for Business and Public Policy)
“The concentration-response relationship between air pollution and mortality: evidence from wildfire smoke”

March 16 No seminar – Spring Break

March 23 Jia Zhong (UIUC – ACE)

March 30 TBD

April 6 Marin Skidmore (UW Madison Alum)
“Heterogeneous Adaptations to Climate Change: Evidence from Cattle Production in the Brazilian Amazon”

April 13 Tatyana Deryugina (UIUC – Center for Business and Public Policy)

April 20 No seminar, attend Friday, April 17 ACE department seminar instead
Shanjun Ali

April 27 Student Research SLAM

May 4 Jeff Wagner (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Fall 2019

Aug 26 Welcome back, organizational meeting

Sept 2 Labor Day – no seminar

Sept 9 ACE faculty in pERE Lightning Talks (Gramig, Myers, Khanna, Fullerton, Ando, Christensen)

Sept 16 Pablo Ordonez (UIUC – ACE)
“Electricity Generation, Air Pollution, and Health in Colombia”

Sept 23 Jennifer Zavaleta (UIUC – NRES)
“Seasonal Food Security in Rainfed India: the Roles of Income Diversity and Women’s Empowerment”

9/28-9/29 Heartland Environmental & Resource Economics Workshop

Sept 30 No Seminar

Oct. 7 Mateus Souza (UIUC – ACE)
“Predictive Counterfactuals for Event Studies with Staggered Adoption: recovering heterogeneous effects from an energy efficiency program in the US”

Oct 14 Ignacio Sarmiento-Barbieri (UIUC – ECON)
“Housing Discrimination and the Pollution Exposure Gap in the United States”

Oct 21 Ben Gramig (UIUC – ACE)

Oct 28 Tiho Ancev (U. Sydney)
“Economics of nitrogen use efficiency using Luenberger indices based on directional distance functions, and based on data from the Upper Mississippi River Basin”

Nov. 4 No Seminar

Nov. 11 Fall Student Research SLAM

Nov 18 Mateo Arbelaez (UIUC – ECON)
“The effect of a gasoline prices on air pollution and traffic congestion: Evidence from the Cairo subsidy lift of 2019”

Nov 25 No Seminar

Dec 2 Steve John (Agricultural Watershed Institute)
“The Perennial Biomass Initiative: Scientist—Stakeholder collaboration for the next landscape transformation”

Dec 9 Liqing Li (UIUC – ACE)
“The Effect of Urban Tree Canopy on Residential Property Value and Gentrification”

Spring 2019

Jan 14 Organizational meeting

Jan 25 Friday *Kate Zipp (Penn State) “Modeling Spatial Dependence and Economic Hotspots in Landowners’ Willingness to Supply Bioenergy Crops in the Northeastern United States”

Jan 28 ACE Department Job Candidate Seminar

Feb 4 ACE Department Job Candidate Seminar

Feb 11 (a) Tengjiao Chen (30 minutes)
(b) Kinga Tchorzewska (30 minutes) “Sudden re-introduction of environmental
investment tax-incentive – how do firms respond?

Feb 18 (a) David Bullock (UIUC ACE)  “Nitrogen Loss and Water Quality Research in the Data-Intensive Farm Management Project”
(b) Gary Schnitkey (UIUC ACE) and Laura Gentry “Preliminary Economics of Conservation Practices from Precision Conservation Management”

Feb 25 Aparna Howlader, Mateus Souza

March 1 Friday Jennifer Alix-Garcia (OSU)

March 4 Hope Michelson

March 11 Visit Day Research Slam!

March 25 Jia Zhong

April 1 *Matthew Gibson (Williams College)

April 5* Eyal Frank (U Chicago)

April 8 “How the job market works” seminar – getting ready for next year’s job market

April 15 Research paper egg timer talks (especially job market papers for next academic year)

April 19 Friday Jim LeSage (Texas State U)

April 29 More egg timer talks

May 3 Environmental movie day with popcorn

Fall 2018

Aug 27 Welcome back, organizational meeting

Sept 3 Labor Day – no seminar

Sept 10 Xiao Wang (UIUC – ACE)
“Location choice of entering toxic polluters and socio-economic characteristics: Environmental injustice at the micro scale”

Sept 17 Graduate Student Research Slam!

Sept 28 Matt Harding (UC Irvine)
“Environmental and social benefits of time varying electricity pricing”

9/29-9/30 Heartland Environmental & Resource Economics Workshop

Oct 1 Karelys Guzman Finol (UIUC – ACE)
“The sensitivity of rice yield to weather variation in Colombia: A panel data approach over 1987-2016”

Oct. 8 Carlos Hurtado (UIUC – Econ)
“Behavioral responses to spatial tax notches: Evidence from gasoline retail”

Oct 15 Chang Cai (UIUC – ACE)
“On the evaluation of heterogenous climate change impacts on U.S. agriculture: Will group membership dictate the value?”

Luoye Chen (UIUC – ACE)
“Sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander: Assessing the heterogeneous impact of climate change on bird biodiversity in the U.S.

Oct 22 Brittani Edge (UIUC – ACE) “A microeconomic-theory-based approach to management zone delineation”

Bryan Parthum (UIUC – ACE)
“Cultural divide in valuation of water quality improvements?”

Oct 29 Alexey Kalinin (U. Wisconsin)
“What’s mine is yours: Transboundary pollution from abandoned coal mines”

Nov. 5 Julia Gonzalez (UIUC – Economics) “Station heterogeneity and the dynamics of retail gasoline prices”

Nov. 9 Shuang Zhang (UC Boulder) “Do Consumers Distinguish Marginal Cost from Fixed Costs? Evidence from Heating Price Reform in China”

Nov 12 Mindy Mallory (UIUC – ACE) “Multiple objective conservation portfolio optimization”

Nov 19 No seminar – Thanksgiving break

Nov 26 Hemant Pullobhta (UIUC – ACE)
“The impact of agricultural fires on infant mortality: Evidence from India”

Dec 3 Aparna Howlader (UIUC – ACE)
“The role of local institutions in climate resilience: Historical evidence from Soil Conservation Districts”

Dec 7 Louis Preonas (U Maryland) “Agricultural groundwater pumping and rlectricity consumption: Evidence from California”

Spring 2018

Jan 22 Bryan Parthum (UIUC – ACE)
“The price of powder: Evidence on the demand for snow from the AirBnb market”

Jan 29 Feng Wang (Fulbright Scholar from Northwest University, China)
“Chinese clean air policy and citizen satisfaction with air quality”

Feb 5 Brainstorming pizza lunch

Feb 12 Amanda Ang, Renato Schwambach Vieira, &Peter Christensen (UIUC – ACE) “Estimating the social cost of road flooding in Sao Paulo, Brazil”

Feb 19 Chitra Jogani (UIUC – ECON)
“Effect of political quotas on attributes of political candidates and provision of public goods

Feb 26 Hiroshi Matsushima (UIUC – ACE)
“Revealing auto-manufacturers’ implicit pricing strategy under the reformed
CAFE standard: A structural form approach”

March 5 Farzad Taheripour (Purdue U.)

March 12 Sally McConkey (Illinois State Water Survey)
“Pursuing community resilience over time”

March 26 Chi Lan Ta (UIUC – ACE) and Don Fullerton (UIUC – Finance)
“Costs of energy efficiency mandates can reverse the sign of rebound”

April 2 Tatyana Deryugina (UIUC – Finance)
“How easy is it to adapt? Evidence from Peru”

April 9 Mateus Souza (UIUC – ACE)
“Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Energy Consumption on Campus” (with Erica Myers)

April 20 Dan Phaneuf (U Wisconsin)

April 27 Fiona Burlig (U Chicago)

April 30 Aparna Howlader (UIUC – ACE)
“The role of local institutions in managing a natural resource: Historical evidence from Soil Conservation Districts in the post-Dust Bowl Great Plain region

Fall 2017

Aug 28 Welcome back, organizational meeting

Sept 4   Labor Day – no seminar

Sept 11 Madhu Khanna (UIUC-ACE) “Effects of ethanol plant proximity and crop prices on land-use change in the United States” (with Yijia Li and Ruiqing Miao)

Sept 18 Eric Zou (UIUC-Econ) “Unwatched pollution: The effect of intermittent monitoring on air quality”

Sept 29 Chris Timmins (Duke U.) “Learning by viewing? Social learning, regulatory disclosure, and firm productivity in shale gas”

9/30-10/1 Heartland Environmental & Resource Econ Workshop

Oct 2 Akshaya Jha (Carnegie Mellon) “The economic benefits versus environmental costs of India’s coal-fired power plants”

Oct. 9 Zhangliang Chen (UIUC-ACE) “The Ricardian Model of Climate Change Impact with Interregional Trade Flows: Evidence from U.S. Agriculture”

Oct 16 Yanbing Wang (Purdue U.) “”Long-term financial incentives for environmental self-regulation – Socially responsible investing and cost of equity capital”

Oct 23 Minhong Xu (UIUC-ACE) “The impact of fracking on road deaths: Evidence from oil and gas operations in North Dakota” (with Yilan Xu)

Oct 30  Yijia Li (UIUC-ACE) “The effects of land-use change on grassland birds in the United States”

Nov. 6 Ben Gramig (UIUC-ACE), “Irrigation adoption and groundwater demand in the U.S. Corn Belt, 2040-2070”

Nov 13 (a) Patrese Anderson (UIUC-ACE), “The effects of climate change on crop yields and labor allocation decisions: Evidence from Zambia”

(b) Jia Zhong (UIUC-ACE), “Going beyond the blend wall: Policy incentives for fuel consumers to supplement the Renewable Fuel Standard”

Nov 20 Thanksgiving break

Nov 27 (a) Liqing Li (UIUC-ACE), “Evaluating the effectiveness of conservation easements in open space protection”

(b) Pablo Ordonez (UIUC-ACE), “The determinants of community forest management adoption in Michoacán, Mexico”

Dec 4 Alex Stevens (UIUC-ACE), “Heterogeneous effects of groundwater-polluting Superfund site cleanup on house prices with wells and municipal water”


Spring 2017

Jan 23 Amy Ando (UIUC–ACE). “Homeowner willingness to pay for a pre-flood agreement for a post-flood buyout (with Collin Reeser)”

Jan 30 Gary Schnitkey (UIUC-ACE) “Environmental tradeoffs of nitrogen management on corn-soybean farms”

Feb 6 (1) Claire Munaretto (UIUC–ACE) “Valuing Chicago’s beaches across race and income”

(2) Cory Castaneda (UIUC-ACE) “Race, income, and benefits from National Parks”

Feb 10 Allen Klaiber (Ohio State University) “Price-based land use policies with heterogeneous development outcomes: Impacts on urban land use patterns”

Feb 13 Walt Kelly (Illinois State Water Survey) “Scientific, technological, and societal factors for switching sources of drinking water: The looming crisis in the Joliet, Illinois region”

Feb 20 Xiaoguang Chen (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) “When the wind blows: Spatial spillover effects of urban air pollution”

March 6 Xiao Wang (UIUC-ACE) “The effect of relocation on the emissions of toxic facilities: Evidence from the Toxic Release Inventory”

March 13 (1) Richa Niraula (UIUC-ACE) “What values do U.S. communities place on conservation?”

(2) Charles Zhou (UIUC-ACE)“How do neighbors value ‘sustainable’ streets? Hedonic price evidence from Chicago”

March 27 Eric Zou (UIUC-Economics) “Unwatched pollution: Response of air quality to air monitoring”

April 3 Don Fullerton (UIUC-Finance) “Vertical and horizontal redistributions from carbon tax rebates”

April 10 Olesya Savchenko (UIUC-ACE) “Who benefits from renewable energy? Evidence from Indonesia”

April 17 Ruchi Singh (UIUC-Economics) “Earthquake risk and house prices”

April 24 Tatyana Deryugina (UIUC-Finance) “Long-run health dynamics in the wake of disaster: Evidence from Hurricane Katrina”

April 28 Dean Lueck (Indiana University) “The evolution and organization of environmental agencies (with Dominick Parker)”

May 1 Erica Myers (UIUC-ACE) “Consumer inattention in energy intensive durables: New evidence from the U.S. appliance market”