pERE Faculty

Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Amy W. Ando, Professor (Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Research: conservation of species and habitat, stormwater management, valuation of environmental goods. E-mail:

Kathy Baylis, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of California – Berkeley). Research: international conservation and agri-environmental policies, climate policy and climate resilience Email:

Peter Christensen, Assistant Professor (PhD. Yale University). Research: energy and transportation policy, environmental regulation in cities, urban growth and urbanization Email:

Sandy Dall’erba, Associate Professor (PhD Pau, France) Research: Economic systems, spatial econometrics, interregional input-output, climate change and extreme weather events impact, virtual water flows Email:

Benjamin M. Gramig, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Michigan State University). Research: agri-environmental policy and economics, water quality, climate change, spatial-dynamic management of natural resources. E-mail:

Madhu Khanna, Professor (Ph.D. University of California – Berkeley). Research: Environmental regulation, technology adoption, pollution prevention, bioenergy, economic growth and the environment Email:

Erica Myers, Assistant Professor (PhD University of California – Berkeley). Research: Demand-side energy economics Email:

Hayri Onal, Professor (Ph.D. Middle East Technical University). Research: Resource and agricultural policy analysis, optimization methods in operations research Email:

Alex Winter-Nelson, Professor (Ph.D. Stanford University). Research: Environmental impacts of development policies, animal disease Email:

Department of Economics

David Albouy (Ph.D. University of California – Berkeley). Research: Urbanization and quality of life, valuation of climate amenities, land use and population density Email:

George Deltas, Professor (Ph.D. Yale University). Research: Competitive bidding for natural resources, design and performance of pollution market permits, linking of firm strategies in pollution and output markets, discrete choice models to estimate recreational and amenity values Email:

Department of Finance

Tatyana Deryugina, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. MIT). Research: Economics of natural disasters and climate change, health effects of pollution, belief formation and updating Email:

Don Fullerton, Professor (Ph.D. University of California – Berkeley). Research: computable general equilibrium models, household disposal of garbage and recycling, vehicle emission control policies, other second-best policies where direct environmental taxes are not feasible Email:

David Molitor, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. MIT). Research: health economics, environmental impacts on health, climate adaptation, social determinants of vulnerability and resilience to health shocks Email:

Julian Reif, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Chicago). Research: value of health, health effects of pollution, effectiveness of social insurance programs. Email:

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Richard J. Brazee, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Michigan). Research: Forest resource policy, optimal forest harvesting, dynamic natural resource modeling Email:

Kaiyu Guan, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Princeton University). Reserach: Global food security, satellite remote sensing, ecohydrology, crop yield forecasting. Email:

Daniel C. Miller, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Michigan).  Research: environmental governance, international conservation finance and policy, social-ecological impacts of forestry and agroforestry

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ximing Cai, Professor (Ph.D. University of Michigan). Research: application of systems techniques and economic principles to water resources and environmental management and planning problems such as drought management, ecosystem restoration, and water resources policy Email:

Megan Konar, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Princeton University). Research: water-food nexus, water resources sustainability, water footprints, virtual water trade, networks

Department of Geography

Geoffrey J. D. Hewings, Professor (Ph.D. University of Washington) Research: Urban and regional economic analysis with a focus on the design, implementation and application of regional economic models E-mail:

Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Atul Jain, Professor (Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India). Research: Global carbon cycle and climate change; ocean general circulations, terrestrial ecosystems, and land cover and land use changes; numerical models of physical and biogeochemical processes Email: