Participant Testimony

What our past participants are saying

Comments from 2019 participants:

”The key to deepen your understanding and become more aware of the mechanics behind string playing is to learn the pedagogical principles of Paul Rolland. This is a great revelation that EVERYTHING IS TEACHABLE! I’m truly grateful that I got the opportunity to meet the master teachers who are highly dedicated, committed, and truly inspirational. This is by far the BEST professional development I’ve ever experienced. I’ll surely be attending again!” (Pamela Arrieta—Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines)

I write with heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful week of learning I experienced at the Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop. Truly, I felt I was in the presence of the Demi Gods of Pedagogy.  Thank you to all of you who express and teach so thoughtfully and with such reverence and awe of Paul Rolland and his contribution and advancement of the teaching of stringed instruments.” (Sallie Leverenz-Lund—Yorkville, IL)

”The level of commitment and expertise of faculty is superlative. I appreciated the openness to new ideas and clarity with which concepts were presented. This training is vital to string teachers, and incorporation of Rolland Action pedagogy will result in more enjoyable learning for students, better technique, and prevention of injury long term. I would recommend it to everyone and am excited to apply all I’ve learned with my students. The overview was truly comprehensive, covering equipment, Alexander technique, fiddling, historical context, and even electric violin. At the heart of the Rolland workshop were essential human values – integrity, love, humility, service, community – it was inspiring beyond belief. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.” (Alison Kang—Brooklyn, NY)

”I very much enjoyed attending this workshop and learned so much. I met so many people I would consider ‘kindred spirits.’ Combining Alexander Technique and Rolland pedagogy just makes so much sense and I’m looking forward to continuing my learning and education on how to play in a way that makes sense and doesn’t hurt! Thank you so much for continuing Mr. Rolland’s legacy. It touched me to hear about him as a person, someone I aspire to be and teach like. It is inspiring to see his students now teaching others, and to meet you all and learn from you! Thank you so, so, SO much, and I hope to see you all next year for Level 2!” (Sarah Murley-Hauser—Toronto, Ontario)

”I took many things away from this wonderful workshop such as invaluable tips of how to teach violin technique (bird-wing bow-strokes and left-hand shuttle games) – and I met many amazing teachers who a year later I still keep in touch with. But the most important insight I gained was that at the heart of Paul Roland’s teaching stands kindness. This course was not only a refresher in how to play well but it also was an absolute eye- opener in applied citizenship. When we use music to be inclusive and foster kindness as well as critical thinking in our school community, we can do a lot to counter hatred and bigotry – one child at a time.” (Susanne Hughes, Singapore)

”Exceeded my expectations. Wonderful atmosphere of friendliness coupled with passionate attachment to the idea that these approaches are eagerly to be shared, not only from faculty to attendees but between and among all the participants. I found this a stimulating educational experience and one that occurred in the company of some of the most generous, intelligent, and friendly of people I think I’ve ever met. Thanks to the organizers for what must have been Herculean labors!” (Roland Vasquez—Newburyport, MA)

”The workshop met and surpassed my expectations! I particularly liked the lectures, DVD clips, Alexander Technique sessions, and the chinrest fitting. Absolutely a 10. I am so excited about what I have learned!” (Anna Richert—Royal Oak, MI)

”The whole week was so well organized and a very positive experience. I also loved that you brought in so many different Rolland experts and provided concerts/performances throughout the week. Congrats on all of your hard work. I will walk away with so many new ideas for my teaching, playing, and wonderful memories as well.” (Cathy Kolb—Milwaukee, WI)

”To me the PR lessons this summer, even just a glimpse of some, is like a bridge to connect the physio world to upper string performance. And the chinrest fitting is one of the sophisticated approaches to achieve this goal (the balance of the performer’s body).  The summer lessons not only changed the my thoughts about movement in violin playing (e.g. linear vs curvature), but also reinforce my view towards the ergonomics applied in the instrument setup.” (Yu-Jane Chi—Sydney, Australia)

Comments from previous years:

”String teachers (public school and private instructors), you need to check this workshop out! In my career, I have rarely witnessed the level of dedication and inspiration that I observed in the master teachers we were lucky enough to work with this week. This thoughtful, research-based string pedagogy has turned my brain upside down in the best possible way, and I have a ton of new ideas I can’t wait to try out. I’ll definitely be attending again!” (Maura Brown – Orchestra Director, Elk Grove High School, IL)

”All of the presenters were absolutely excellent, and I really appreciated the variety of classes and activities that were offered. The inclusion of master classes, Alexander Technique, and fiddling were an added bonus that made this week even more informative and engaging. I also loved the sense of community that developed amongst all of the participants – this was really special and unexpected. Thank you so much to all of the faculty and staff for all of your time and dedication in making this workshop happen! It was an absolutely mind-altering, inspiring experience for me, and got so much out of it.” (Rose Hashimoto – Suzuki teacher and freelance violist, New York, NY)

”As an attendee of a recent Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop, I was amazed at the in-depth insight and first hand knowledge of the instructors.  Not only were they personal acquaintances of the late Paul Rolland, but they knew his teaching methods to a mastery level and they were able to relay those concepts to us in a thorough manner. Because of the Workshop and Rolland publications, I changed the way I approach teaching strings and consistently refer to Paul Rolland’s work.” (Justin Fulfer – Orchestra Director, Keefer Crossing Middle School, New Caney TX)

”I continue to read and ponder about teaching and there is always more Rolland material to digest. I don’t think my students realize how much time and effort I put into learning more about string pedagogy behind the scenes, but I get such a lot of pleasure out of it too and it is wonderful to see how this information can transform their understanding of playing. I definitely recommend the Rolland workshop to anyone wishing to increase their depth of knowledge of string playing and teaching!” (Charmian Bartlett – Private Cello Teacher, Woodinville, WA)

”Using a correctly-sized chinrest, eliminating the shoulder rest, improving violin placement and head position, all as Lynne Denig recommended, have greatly improved my left-hand frame and required me to find new ways to shift. It led to a lot of remediation and I found help in Paul Rolland’s films and book. The workshop was the culmination of this work and it helped me get answers to many questions and deepened my understanding. Discussions of posture and Alexander Technique were revelatory. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to dialog with faculty and fellow participants during breaks and meals. The camaraderie was something quite special. I cannot thank you enough.” (Michael Haddad – Amateur Adult Violinist)

”Dr. Fischbach’s sessions were particularly excellent and the master classes were really informative and wonderful! Every faculty was highly devoted themselves to caring and listening to individuals! That is something unique about this workshop.” (Anonymous)

”This was superbly planned and organized – tremendously valuable and enjoyable. The atmosphere of shared knowledge, desire to learn from each other and collegial camaraderie made this week a joy!!! Loved the play-through of Fletcher tunes – as music teachers this was one of the most informative, practical, and fun ways to learn from each other. THANK YOU!!!” (Anonymous)

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