Renata Soares Caceres

Originally from Brazil, Renata Soares Caceres has worked and studied in the US since 2013. Having started as an electric bassist at the age of 11, Renata is familiar with many different settings of music ensembles, in both classical and popular styles. She holds a BM degree in Music Production from Universidade Federal do Parana (Brazil), a master’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, an Artist Diploma Graduate Certificate from Texas Christian University, and is currently a DMA Candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she held a TA position for the past two years. Renata earned Level 1 and Level 2 Paul Rolland Pedagogy Certifications. She has studied double bass with Michael Cameron, Marcos Machado, Yuan Xiong Lu, Thibault Delor, and Maria Helena Salomo. Renata is regularly involved with summer festivals, like ISYM and Bass Works, and teaches masterclasses in Brazil periodically. With extensive experience in teaching double bass for all ages in the American school system, Renata has developed a passion for working with children and is currently focusing her DMA research on advancing the contemporary double bass pedagogy for young players. Renata also teaches at the Illinois String Academy at UIUC.