Enrichment Offerings

These offerings are designed to “enrich” the experience of Paul Rolland String Pedagogy by providing additional context and applications for various string teaching settings. Enrichment Offerings are available to Full Participants and Student Participants.

Paul Rolland History and Memories
Michael Fanelli, Paul Rolland’s official biographer, will present an in-depth, comprehensive, analytical PowerPoint lecture on the life, career, and teaching of Paul Rolland. Participants can expect to hear assorted anecdotes and memories from former students and family members of Paul Rolland throughout our many sessions, events, and discussions.

Fiddle Sessions with Peter Rolland
Participants will learn tunes by ear* using Dr. Rolland’s “Power of Unison” class technique described in his feature article published in the February 2011 issue of American String Teacher. Sessions will incorporate the learning of specialized bowing, double stop and rhythmic patterns, slides, drones, fingerings and improvisational techniques. Attention will be paid to the subtle aural aspects of fiddling so that participants can play the tunes with a stylistically appropriate “accent.”
*Participants can request sheet music and notes for tunes taught after the lessons by sending an email to peterrolland@cox.net.

Participant Play-In — Fletcher Tunes
The delightful and effective collection of New Tunes for Strings featured in The Teaching of Action in String Playing DVD, composed by Stanley Fletcher with instructional design by Paul Rolland, will be explored through a participant/faculty play-in led and narrated by Workshop faculty who have used the tunes in their own teaching.

Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is an educational method that has been used for over 100 years worldwide. It teaches us how to change faulty postural and movement habits in order to alleviate pain, chronic stress, and excess tension. Specific benefits for musicians include greater ease and freedom of motion, less performance anxiety, and greater skill accuracy. All Workshop participants will have the opportunity to attend a presentation on “Alexander Technique and Rolland Pedagogy.” Any participant interested in individual or group Alexander Technique sessions may contact Abigail Albaugh directly.

Ergonomic Equipment
The Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop brings the best to you concerning how to move when playing. When combined with ergonomic equipment, freedom of movement in violin and viola playing can be more easily achieved. Any participant interested in Frisch and Denig chinrest fittings may contact Lynne Denig or Abigail Albaugh. Virtual fittings may be available to those in the US using the Frisch and Denig Chinrest Diagnostic Kit. Fittings are at any point before, during, or after the Workshop. Mention your Workshop registration for a discount.

Special Guest – The Jupiter Quartet
Participants are sure to enjoy a special session with the Jupiter Quartet—U of I faculty String Quartet in Residence.

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