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Paul Rolland String Pedagogy in School Programs, Private Studios, for Suzuki Teachers, and More!
Participants can expect to receive personalized information on the applications of Paul Rolland String Pedagogy from an expert faculty with diverse backgrounds in all types of string teaching environments and throughout the United States.

Paul Rolland History and Memories
Michael Fanelli, Paul Rolland’s official biographer, will present an in depth, comprehensive, analytical PowerPoint lecture on the life, career, and teaching of Paul Rolland. Additionally, participants can expect to hear assorted anecdotes and memories from former students and family members of Paul Rolland throughout our many sessions, events, discussions, and in one-on-one conversations.

Special Guest — Endre Granat
While at the University of Illinois, Endre Granat substituted for Paul Rolland while Rolland was working on his Illinois String Research Project that forever changed how string instruments are taught. Moreover, Mr. Granat is featured in the Project films as an artistic model for how the body should move while performing on the violin. Mr. Granat will present two sessions at this year’s workshop entitled: “My times with Paul Rolland” and “New Releases: Granat editions from Keiser Music Publishing.”

Fiddle Sessions with Peter Rolland
Participants will learn tunes by ear using Dr. Rolland’s “Power of Unison” class technique described in his feature article published in the February 2011 issue of American String Teacher. Sessions will incorporate the learning of specialized bowing, double stop and rhythmic patterns, slides, drones, fingerings and improvisational techniques. Attention will be paid to the subtle aural aspects of fiddling so that participants can play the tunes with a stylistically appropriate “accent.”

Rudolf Haken — “Applying Paul Rolland’s Teaching Methods to Electric Strings”
U of I Viola Professor, Rudolf Haken, has established the Bachelor of Electric Strings program at the University of Illinois, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. He will discuss ways to incorporate Paul Rolland’s teachings into electric strings pedagogy, covering technical, musical, stylistic and technological aspects of the medium.

A composer and violist internationally renowned for his creative melding of disparate musical styles and genres, Haken is particularly known for his work with extended-range violas, appearing in concert on four continents with his five-string Rivinus viola and six-string Wood Viper electric viola. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to hear both instruments during his full-length recital on Tuesday, July 9, 7:30pm, in the Music Building Auditorium.

Stephen Fairbanks — “The Pedagogies of Inclusion”
One of the final admonitions from the consultants on Paul Rolland’s Illinois String Research Project was “Do not overlook inclusion.”  This imperative certainly reverberates across decades and even centuries of music education. For some, it acts as their deep level motivation for pursuing music education. In this unusually candid session, we will consider how we are doing as a profession to foster inclusion. How inclusive is the music teaching we are providing students?  And more specifically, how can we use Paul Rolland’s principles of pedagogy to ensure that inclusion is not overlooked? In attending this session, you will have an opportunity to hear from – and share with – your string teaching peers the ways you are actively cultivating inclusion in your studio and/or classrooms.

Participant Play-In — Fletcher Tunes
The delightful and effective collection of New Tunes for Strings featured in The Teaching of Action in String Playing DVD, composed by Stanley Fletcher with instructional design by Paul Rolland, will be explored through a participant/faculty play-in led and narrated by Workshop faculty who have used the tunes in their own teaching.

From classical to fiddling, acoustic to electric, participants will enjoy the joyous sounds of music making from our faculty, and have the opportunity to join in the fun as well!

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