Ultrasound Therapy

We have been working on several projects involving the use of focused ultrasound to produce therapeutic effects. Projects include the use of ultrasound stimulated microbubbles in tumors to elicit an enhanced response to hyperthermia [1,2,3]. We have been collaborating with various laboratories in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology to develop mechanophores that can produce either light or reactive oxidative species via ultrasound activation [4,5]. This would allow therapy to be delivered via ultrasound and injected nanophores. Figure 1 shows a figure depicting the emission of light from mechanophores exposed to focused ultrasound.

Figure 1. Mechanoluminescent behavior of dioxetane-functionalized PDMS: (A) Plot of the generated blue-light intensity versus time (a.u., arbitrary units); and (B) optical images showing the intensity versus HIFU irradiation time. The intensity plot is based on light generated in the focal spot (∼2.25 mm, 550 kHz). Green- and red-colored points in the plot indicate the start and end points of sonication, respectively. (Scale bar: 5.0 mm.)


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