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Lab Alumni

Graduate students

Stephan van Vliet, PhD 

Spring 2017

Dissertation title: Regulation of postprandial protein metabolism after food ingestion and exercise

Stephan is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Human Nutrition within the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine



Justin Parel, M.S.

Spring 2017

Thesis title: The whole body protein turnover response to the ingestion of intrinsically labeled eggs at rest and after endurance exercise

Justin is a personal trainer in Chicago

Evan Shy, M.S. 

Fall 2016

Thesis title: Effect of meal composition to modulate the anabolic response during recovery from resistance exercise

Evan is the CEO of ShyTown Fitness

Research Assistants


Adam Sukiennik


Undergraduate students



Pictured from left to right: Tommy Pickett, Steven Pochron, Jay Johnson, Brandon Pagni,  Justin Young, Noah Moore, Emily Smiarowski, and Jessica Tyspin  (Not Pictured: Baylee Hussain)