I had students share that they wanted to know more about the course structure for FSHN 120. Below is information that will introduce you to some basics as well as providing a comparison of online vs. in-house logistics.

Keep in mind that we have a virtual tutoring center that is open and available to all FSHN 120 students Monday through Friday 11am until 4pm during the semester.  Students can stop in for help from Toni (the lead instructor) as well as our amazing teaching team members. No scheduling needed!  🙂  We are there ready to help.


Please, note that FSHN 120 will have a “combined space” in Canvas with the online, in-house, and discussion section students.  This is because all nutrition resources can help all students!

Students have asked “what is the difference between the in-house lecture section, discussion sections, and the completely online section?”  It all comes down to testing, extra credit, and lecture options.  

  • Students only need to register for ONE section of FSHN 120. Any of the different modalities will allow students to earn 3 credit hours of a general education life sciences course at UIUC.  Choose based on your personal preference.
  • Semester exams in all sections:
    • All student semester exams will be the same.  Exams be non-proctored containing application based multiple choice questions where all students take the exams at the same time (see course schedule for dates and times).  There will be an alternate conflict exam for those who have documented and approved conflicts with the scheduled exam times.
    • If a student has a documented and approved conflict but is unable to make the conflict exam, they will be offered a proctored online conflict exams following the final exam during finals week (see syllabus for details).
    • DRES students have the option of taking the exam in the same manner as the traditional students or taking a proctored exam through TAC.
  • Extra credit:
    • (section A) T/R In-house students earn extra credit merely by attending lecture and participating in the classroom discussion.  Any day an in-house student is present and participates, they will earn +1 extra credit point with an additional +0.5 points for supplemental participation if they correctly answer a question posed in class in Lincoln Hall.
    • (section ONL) Online students earn extra credit by posting 3x per module in select difficult online discussion that focuses hot topics in nutrition.  The online extra credit discussion boards will be available modules 5-12 and students can earn a maximum of 5 extra credit points per module if they meet all discussion guidelines.  Students are expected to research the topic and share with scientific articles to support their posting.
    • All students have the ability to earn approximately 40 participation extra credit points regardless of the section they choose.
  • Lectures:
    • Tuesday/Thursday in-house students (section A) are strongly encouraged to attend lecture and participate in the dynamic classroom experience.  Students are expected to take notes in their student notes packet as the lecture is progressing.  By attending lecture, students have the ability to ask questions “real time” to the instructor and teaching team.
    • Online students have access to both visual and audio materials to walk them thorough the concepts as they take notes in their student notes packet.
      • Module 1 has a closed captioned video lecture where you virtually meet the instructor as she walks you through the information.
      • Once you virtually have met the instructor, module materials from Module 2 and beyond have a PPT with audio voice over and transcripts in the PPT notes section allowing students to follow along advancing slides at their own pace.
      • All “Testing Your Knowledge” questions posed in the PPT are answered both during the in-house lecture as well as the online lecture materials.  Students are encouraged to pay close attention to these concepts as they help students self-assess.

Feel free to contact me/the instructor via my work e-mail ( with any questions you may have…I am here for you!