I had students share that they wanted to know more about the course structure for FSHN 120. Below is information that will introduce you to some basics as well as provide a comparison of the different sections.

Keep in mind that we have a virtual tutoring center that is open and available to all FSHN 120 students Monday through Friday 9am until 3pm during the semester.  Students can stop in for help from Toni (the lead instructor) as well as our amazing teaching team members. No scheduling is needed!  🙂  We are there ready to help.

Please, note that FSHN 120 will have a “combined space” in Canvas with the online section “ONL” and in-house section “A” students.

The BLC section is so unique that it has its own Canvas page with unique announcements and links to experiential learning activities.

Students have asked, “What is the difference between the three sections?”  It all comes down to the experience you want or need. There are differences in methods of engagement, extra credit options, and lecture options.  Any of the three sections will allow students to earn 3 credit hours of a general education life sciences course at UIUC.  Choose the section based on your personal preference.

  • Methods of engagement:
    • BLC section
      • We only allow ~20 seats in this section.
      • Toni (the professor) leads every class experience with the help of 4 teaching team members. Thus, students get a fantastic ratio of 1:4 for a personalized class.
      • Each week has a hands-on activity with a tailored chapter assessment. Activities include:
        • food tastings
        • game shows
        • cooking classes
        • scavenger hunts
        • food drive initiatives
    • Section A
      • We have 175 seats in this section.
      • Toni lectures each class and provides answer paddles and engaging materials for students to discuss in a larger lecture hall setting.
      • 8 additional team members help with classroom management allowing for a ratio of staff to student of 1:20 with time set aside after class for Q/A
    • Online section ONL
      • We have 575 seats in this section.
      • All lectures are ADA-compliant and accompany the required textbook
      • Online discussions provide for interaction with the teaching team and other students
    • All sections have the virtual tutoring center available M-F 9a-3p and a team behind the scenes of 15 individuals helping with grading, office hours, and more!
  • Extra credit:
    • The BLC section earns extra credit by participating in the Wednesday class experiences. Each experience provides +2 points of extra credit, prizes, and opportunities for growth.
    • Section A students earn extra credit by attending lectures and participating in the classroom discussion.  Any day an in-house student is present and participates, they will earn +1 extra credit point with prizes provided for students who add to the conversation by correctly answering a question posed in the auditorium.
    • Online students earn extra credit by posting on the online extra credit discussion boards. Students can earn +2 points of extra credit for each module if they meet all discussion guidelines and post an initial post with 2 replies before the module assignment deadline.  Select postings will be used on the @OskeeBowWow TikTok page.
    • All students have the opportunity to earn the same number of extra credit points regardless of the section they choose.
  • Lectures:
    • The BLC section has a unique setup with select learning objectives highlighted in short online videos and the remaining assessments focusing on the classroom experience.
    • Section A students are strongly encouraged to attend lectures and participate in the dynamic classroom experience.  Students are expected to take notes in their textbooks as the lecture progresses.  By attending lectures, students can ask questions in real time to the instructor and teaching team.
    • Online students have access to both visual and audio materials to walk them through the concepts as they take notes in their textbooks.

Feel free to contact me/the instructor via my work e-mail ( with any questions you may have…I am here for you!