Nubras Samayeen

Nubras Samayeen is an architect, urban designer and Ph.D. candidate in the joint program of Landscape Architecture and Architecture with a minor in Heritage. Her research focuses on modernist architect Louis Kahn’s design works. She explores the relationship between architecture and landscape and investigates the construction of national identity through built-forms. Her interdisciplinary study probes into Western colonialism and modernism’s instrumentality in homogenizing history, tradition, and culture across the globe.

In addition to her publications, she received numerous national-international design-awards including runners-up in Future Legacies Design Competition (2017), Canada and first prize in Designing Conflict (2010) in Zurich, Switzerland. Through her interlocutory research, she aims to create a nexus between design and history/theory to catalyze a transboundary approach to design education that affects the built-environment. She received the Dumbarton Oaks Summer Fellowship, Harvard University (2018); Kennedy and Feil Travel Awards (UIUC-2017); Illinois Dissertation Travel grant (UIUC-2018); and AAUW (2018). Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree in Architecture, she completed dual master’s degrees in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with Distinction. With other merit scholarships, she received the prestigious Charles Moore fellowship during her studies there. Her design career began at- Eisenman Architects, HOK (New York) and Zimmer-Gunsul-Frasca LLP (DC). She was an assistant professor at the School of Architecture, Howard University, DC and at the University of Asia Pacific in Dhaka.




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