Energy production comparison

In order to clearly demonstrate the energy consumption and energy generation capability, let us compare the energy production, generation, and consumption statistics of South Africa to what the United States (recognized modernized countries).

Africa Power Capacity:


U.S.  Power Capacity:

Clearly from the data shown above, on average the energy production capacity, the United States are on average 20-30 times larger than Africa which claimed to have the most numbers of third world countries. Even in some particular power generation method (ie. Nuclear, wind and etc.) the United States are almost 100 more capable than Africa. However, the causation of such dramatic variations in generation capacity are complex, it is a daunting and entangled issue both geographically and politically.

Now, how about the Energy Production capability?



Unites States:

Clearly from the data shown above, Energy generation production varies dramatically as well. However, both places are somehow more rely on Thermo generation of power (these could include coal fired power plant, salt lake). Due to the geographical location of Africa, it is incapable to provide much hydro-electricity which in comparison to United States which have two main water systems (for example: Hoover Dam). Transportation also somehow impact the energy production in Africa which in comparison to United States which has a highly developed transportation infrastructure (inter-state high way, rail way system: an example could be the coal fire power plant in the state of Illinois could easily obtain good quality and quantity of coal from East coast area due to the highly developed transportation infrastructure.) Technology advantages also play a big part in power production (for example, Nuclear power generation/production tends to take more part in power generation in United States as shown above, on the contrary, due to limited technology support, Africa’s Nuclear power generation /production is only a very low fraction of total power generated).


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