Prathika Senthil


I’m a junior majoring in Animal Sciences with a Science, Pre-Veterinary and Medical concentration. I’m from Bolingbrook, Illinois which is a suburb located southwest of Chicago. My future goal is to attend veterinary or medical school. If I go to vet school, I would like to practice on small animals and if I go to med school, I would like to become a dermatologist or an Ob/gyn.

I joined this lab because I was very interested in women’s reproductive health, especially after taking ANSC 224 my sophomore year. I have helped out with immunohistochemistry,  analyzing images of slides, and taking care of the mouse room colonies. Aside from this lab, on campus, I work at CCHS as a medical lab intern, am a TA for ANSC 250, and a member of Phi Chi Premedical Fraternity and ANSC Ambassadors. In my free time, I love to watch horror movies, play with my 3 bunnies, workout, and sleep!