Kelsey Martin


I graduated from the University of Illinois in May 2020 with my Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences. I began working in the Chronic Wasting Disease research lab during my sophomore year, and stayed for about three and a half years, from February 2018 – July 2021. Working in this lab taught me a variety of skills such as teamwork and collaboration, data organization, and problem-solving. I also had the opportunity to conduct my own research project that outlined the differences between Avian and Bovine Tuberculosis in White-Tailed Deer. I presented this research at the Illinois Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting in April 2019. I then presented again at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in April 2020. Since graduating, I have shifted my focus from terrestrial wildlife to marine wildlife, and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston. I have a strong interest in wildlife diseases, immunology, endocrinology, and conservation, and I hope to have a career in conservation and research.