Adam L. Brandt


Dr. Brandt’s research interests are in molecular ecology, specifically evolution, phylogenetics, population and conservation genetics. Utilizing a blend of traditional molecular techniques and new technologies (e.g. next generation sequencing) he aims to use genetics as a tool to assist local and international agencies in making sound conservation and management decisions. He favors the use of non-invasively collected DNA samples (such as feces or eDNA) and joint collaborations with state wildlife agencies and international conservation groups to further his research goals. Currently his research is focused on examining the relationship between the PRNP gene and Chronic Wasting Disease in white-tailed deer.

Curriculum Vitae

Degrees B.S., Biology / Wildlife & Fisheries Science, Frostburg State University
M.S., Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology, Frostburg State University
Ph.D., Animal Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Current Position Assistant Professor of Biology at St. Norbert College