Perovskite Quantum Cubes

1) Quantum confined nanocrystals including optoelectronic, biomedical imaging, and defense/security applications

2) Optoelectronic displays (TV, computer monitors, smartphone screen) with ultrahigh pixel definition, bright and wide color gamut (color purity)

3) A new generation of scintillation matrices for X-ray, CT, gamma-ray (PET), SPET, and radiation detection and imaging

4) Single and large crystals for direct X-ray/gamma-ray detection

5) Flexible electronics and lighting emitting diodes (LED)

6) Pixelated sensors and detectors, hybrid CMOS and thin film transistor (TFT) camera

7) Wearable devices and in vitro diagnostics for integrated and simultaneous imaging for visible, NIR, and X-ray wavelengths