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Graduate Students

Ziwen Wang

B.S. Bioengineering, University of Washington, 2018

Research Interests: Image-guided Surgery, Microfabrication, 3D Printing

About Me: I enjoy cooking and love travelling and living abroad. I am also a casual language learner.

Favorite Restaurant in CU: Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

Email: ziwenw3 [at] illinois [dot] edu



Cheng Chen

B.S. Physics, Peking University, 2018

Research Interest: Perovskite Quantum Dots

About Me: I like movies and music.

Favorite Restaurant in CU: Mid-Summer Lounge on Green street!

Email: chengc9 [at] illinois [dot] edu





Xin Wang

B.S. Material Physics, Nanjing University, 2022

M.Eng Bioengineering, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 2023

Research Interests: pH responsive polymers, lipid nanoparticle, mRNA delivery, cancer immunotherapy,

About Me: I play simulation games like cities skylines, Chinese parents, and Nobody, and bottom/support in league of legends. I do snowboarding in winter!

Favorite Restaurant in CU: BBQ Chicken

Email: xinw11 [at] illinois [dot] edu




 Zhengyi Bian (Coadvised with Prof. Martin Gruebele)

B.S. Chemistry, Jilin University, 2019

Research Interests: Imaging energy flow in nanomaterials by laser-STM system, Carbon nanomaterial synthesis

About Me: I love tennis, hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding. I also enjoy playing cards (e.g. Guan-Dan). 

Favorite Restaurant in CU: Northern Cuisine

Email: zbian4 [at] illinois [dot] edu





Undergraduate & Master Students

  • Jiacheng (Tom) Huang, Bioengineering
  • Zhuo Gao, Chemistry
  • Wei Tyng Ong, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Qingyang Fei, Bioengineering