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Welcome to Illinois!

As a new faculty member at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, you are joining a superb community of colleagues at a world-class institution that is invested in your success and well-being.

Illinois is a vibrant and supportive institution where faculty members can reach their highest aspirations in teaching, research, and service. On this campus you will have the opportunity to transform lives and be transformed yourself through the students and colleagues you will meet throughout your career. We are committed in helping you thrive and be fully engaged with the broader community.

In this website, we offer you resources as you start your journey at Illinois.  You will find important links to orientation and onboarding programs, faculty mentoring and development resources, along with important tips and advice to help you navigate your personal and professional life. Visit this website regularly for updates and announcements.

Moreover, to assist in your transition to campus and the community, plan to participate in the 2023 Illinois New Faculty Orientation (INFO). Dates and location details will be announced in Spring 2023. At this three-day event, you will get an overview of what it means to be a faculty member at Illinois and gain valuable information and guidance to help get you started in your new role.

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