University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign


Academic Papers:

  • The Page Rank: A Survey from Markov Chains to Tensors

An internal  journal paper on Page Rank Algorithms including n-order Markov Chains, Tensor Ranking & Dirichlet Ranking. Extends on current papers with additional n-order tensor ranking algorithms.

  • Bayesian Analysis of  the 115th US Congress Electoral Results

Bayesian hierarchical models related to Democrat, Republican and household income, inference and interpretation.

  • Human Chromosome 22 ADAM Processing Pipeline, Exploratory Analysis & Visualization

          Chromosome 22 Analysis using output from an ADAM Pipeline to generate genetic variants with ClinVar annotations.

  • L-Rank: A Page Rank Implementation for the Public Service Domain

Implementation Mechanism of a Local Ranking System based on Page Rank methods using City Data from the Public Service Domain.

  • NASA Solar Radiation Linear Models Analysis & Prediction 

Analysis, Generalized Linear Modeling, Inference  and Prediction of Solar Radiation using NASA’s Space Apps Dataset.


  • CS 428: Applied Machine Learning
  • CS 410: Text Analytics and Mining
  • STAT 420: Statistical Modeling (Linear Modeling)
  • STAT 542: Statistical Learning (Model Based Learning)
  • STAT 578: Advanced Bayesian Modeling
  • IS 532: Data Cleaning
  • CS 498: Cloud Computing
  • CS 498 DDV: Data Visualization
  • CS 450: Numerical Analysis (Fall 2019)

Master’s GPA: 3.94

Statistical Languages & Tools:

  • R
  • Python
  • Spark
  • Jags/Stan
  • SAS
  • Matlab

SAS Institute Data Science Academy:

  1. SAS Certified Statistical Analyst
  2. SAS Certified Predictive Modeler
  3. SAS Advanced Analytics Certifications-
    1. Time Series Modelling
    2. Optimization
    3. Business Experimentation
    4. Text Analytics


Member of ASA, SIAM