Global Warming Annotated Bibliography Revised

Global Warming Annotated Bib Revised


The revision did not change my perspective on global warming did not change from the way that I’ve thought about global warming from the beginning of the semester. I decided to alphabetize my sources because that is the correct format in the MLA works cited format. I changed the title to not mislead people to think that it’s an essay rather than an annotated bibliography. I have italicized titles that require italicization. I made a mistake in one of my sources in stating that it was a popular source instead of a scholarly source when it was published in an academic journal. I have changed some of the wording and sentence structure in the bibliography in order to not confuse the audience. Reading all these sources gave me greater understanding of global warming and the core technical details that lies behind climate change and the science behind it. Following Professor Mary’s comments and suggestions allowed me to revise the bibliography smoothly and correctly.