Writing Metaphor

Baking A Cake: A metaphor for my writing life

Begin with a detailed recipe for the cake.

A recipe for Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake from Google

Just like writing, I want to have a guideline of how I am writing my paper. 

Gather all the ingredients and utensils stated in the recipe.

Ingredients of a cake from Google

I need to do research and acquire resources in order to have the knowledge to write a paper.

Preheat the oven and grease a cake pan.

Oven with a lot of food from Google

I need to have the proper environment to write my paper in.

Mix the dry ingredients together and the wet ingredients together.

Egg and dough being mixed from Google

I need to know how to organize my paper and write about my topic in a steady flow instead of a crazy mess.

Mix everything into a bowl and stir your batter.

Stirred cake batter from Google

Making sure that the paragraphs have sentences that lead to each other and have proper transitions to a different topic.

Pouring the batter into the cake pan and baking the cake pan.

Cake batter being baked from Google

Finalizing the paper by double-checking and submitting it.