Portfolio–Exploring Topics U1W4

To my friend back home that has yet to have college experience,

For my rhet class, I am being assigned to write about an exigent topic and I don’t want to get bored writing my paper. I don’t need to decide right now about what I want to write about but I certainly want to begin thinking about it. I want my topic to be something that most people are aware of or at least have heard of it before. I’m thinking of something that affects the whole world and yet not a lot of people are doing something about it. Something like pollution, climate change, global warming, financial crises, U.S debt, etc. This “world-wide” topic would make it easier to write about and research since there’s just so much relevant information that would pertain to the subject. I would need to explain to my audience how pertinent this topic is and how it affects us as a whole.