Portfolio Quiz–Research Question U2W6

Connecting back to my previous response to Gerard’s quote about researching about what I don’t know, I’ve thought about going in depth into the policies of individual countries and how they each deal with global warming and climate change in their own separate regions. I believe that my research topic is important because it brings to light a matter that everyone sort of knows about but no one really care about. I can understand why no one really cares about it because it’s not really an immediate threat and doesn’t directly kill someone. It’s not as easy to think about how global warming kills people rather than thinking about how guns kill people. I think it’s because of this sort of mentality that not a lot is being done about global warming. No one knows enough about it and no one cares enough about it. My research topic is more than a yes or no question and has multiple answers to each with each answer having multiple viewpoints and being debatable.