Summer Breaks are always Good!

What an amazing year for Good Morning Illini. Of course, we brought back some favorite segments from the past, but we also created some new classics. “I Have a Question” led to an all-new segment called “Maddie & Sammi Tag Along”. If you haven’t watched these two, you are missing it. Comedic timing, heart and by the end a great look at what’s happening on campus. Even better they are moving into the producer role next year. Look for them to add their unique branding to our growing show.

Dan Gerardi

“Who Am I” came back huge this semester. Content Producer Dan Gerardi gave us a couple of stories of people doing amazing things on campus. Like Maddie and Sammi, Dan is moving into a producers role next semester.


Speaking of On Campus, this was one of our best new segments. If it was happening on campus GMI was talking about it. Look for this to be improved this upcoming Fall.

Live @ the Union


Live on the Quad

We took big chances this year. Last Fall, we were live at the Illini Union for IJEA. Then we took an even bigger chance and ended the year with an hour-long show on the quad. Two successful live shows away from Richmond Studio.

Segments weren’t the only thing new. This year Good Morning Illini was a full-blown class. Twelve students learned to shoot, edit, run studio equipment, post social media and shoot some crazy promos for our show. Every Monday was filled with some new activity to get a different perspective on how to create a television show.

By the end, we all learned a lot and the success of GMI students will continue in the best ways. Speaking of success, Two of our producers from the past year are now fully employed as producers for local news stations. Fall producer Stephen Cohn is taking heading up to WISC-TV in Madison, Wisconsin. And Spring producer Andrea Flores will be joining a cavalcade of GMI alums at WQAD-TV in Moline Illinois. Spring producer Mady Bunton has accepted a position with BT Group in Texas. Anchor Addi Ippensen has been hired by Ernst & Young in D.C.  And then a face and voice never have seen on air (but always in the ears of our anchors), Annie Dickerson is starting a director for WQAD-TV. You can see all of our alumni’s success post-college here.

GMI season 3 will be remembered as a year of taking so many chances and coming back with huge payoffs. We announced our new producers for the Fall. You can check out their bios on the producers’ page. They are excited to get started.

The next live show is the live coverage of IJEA Fall Conference. Featuring the keynote speech of Illinois alumna Melissa Forman from WLIT-FM in Chicago. And Season 4’s premiere is September 27, 2019. Tune in at 10 am. See you then. And always, make it a                  Good Morning, Illini!

GMI Friday Feb. 15, 2019

On our Valentine’s edition of GMI we are heading around campus to find dancing, sweets and romance. This and more on this Friday’s Good Morning Illini.



Tag Along with Maddie and Sammi as they head to Swing Dancing class with Newman Dance Society.

Chris Jo will talk about the history and romance of the quads Eternal Flame.

And Smallcakes Champaign will join us in studio with sweets and valentines treats.

Good Morning Illini is live tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Watch Promo Here

Make it a Good Morning, Illini!

Good Morning Illini,


Classes are back in session at U of I and the new Journalism 199 – Good Morning Illini class is already out learning how to use the cameras and tell great stories. With only three weeks out from our first show, the GMI Crew went to the Illini Union bowling alley to test their skills.

Look for a great behind the scenes video coming soon. 


If you are a current student, we are holding auditions for new anchors January 28 & 30th.


Email to schedule an audition.

Watch our December 7 show now! Good Morning Illini!