Ever wonder who your neighbors are? CQuest discovers all devices near you and maps the density using a heat map.

Chicago Water Walk

Takes you on a tour of the city’s beautiful downtown water fronts, and along the way, you learn about the importance of these resources through fun facts, history, biology, and more.

Catch the Carrot

A multiple-choice trivia game for children; when each question is answered correctly, you must quickly attempt to catch a falling food with your shopping cart.

Our Rose Garden

Provides information about how to plant, prune, and protect roses through several University of Illinois Extension YouTube videos about rose care.

Alma Mater AR

Displays a 3D computer-graphics rendering of the Alma Mater sculpture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

FAA Brochure


Brochure outlining the offerings at the College of Fine & Applied Arts at the University of Illinois.


iOS ,  Android

Enter Tesla Town and explore electricity generation and delivery. Go into a hydroelectric power plant and see the turbine. Visit a solar powered house or a wind farm.

flops fever

iOS Game

Scientists and engineers keep supercomputers busy simulating severe storms, galaxies, molecules, and more. Scheduling those jobs is like putting together a complex puzzle. Place the different types and sizes of science and engineering jobs on the supercomputer. Tapping a job will rotate it to better fit the available nodes. If you’re too slow, jobs will pile up in your queue and your supercomputer will be idle! Flops failure! Can you juggle jobs and keep the flops count climbing ,or will your queue explode?