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Microbial Systems in the News

05.05.2023 Smart surgical implant coatings provide early failure warning while preventing infection 

05.04.2023 How diet quality affects the gut microbiota to promote health 

04.11.2023 Antibiotics vs Microbes: Wilson’s New Book Investigates Our War Against Pathogens 

04.07.2023  Researchers make new insights into bacterial cell cycle

04.01.2023 Researchers design AI method to predict metabolomic profiles of microbial communities

03.31.2023 Illinois animal sciences professor elected to American Academy of Microbiology

03.31.2023 No kittens required: Scientists find new way to study toxoplasmosis parasite in lab

03.29.2023 Astonishing’ molecular syringe ferries proteins into human cells

03.27.2023 U of I study gives a thumbs up to carefully formulated vegan diets for dogs 

03.20.2023 Bacterial signaling across biofilm affected by surface structure

03.18.2023 Humans Are Leaving Behind a Frozen Legacy of Microbes on Mount Everest

03.17.2023 DOE renews Bioenergy Center at University of Illinois 

03.17.2023 Ticks are on the rise in Illinois: What you should know with Medical Entomologist with U of I

03.08.2023 Wind-chill out! Researchers discover how flow stresses out bacterial pathogens

03.07.2023 Researchers shed new light on how copper poisons microbes

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